What’s at ITMO University: a digest of events for students, scientists and specialists of different levels

We are sharing a selection for specialists, scientists and students of technical specialties, plus their junior colleagues. We tell you about the upcoming thematic events and conferences.

Photo: Mati Flo.  Source: Unsplash.com
Photo: Mati Flo. Source: Unsplash.com

The third workshop of the Machine Learning Laboratory

February 16 – 18:00 – [регистрация] – will be held online

Another non-classical meetup of our ML laboratories… It will be chaired by Andrey Filchenkov and Nikita Pilnensky. The first will talk about the events in the world of machine learning, and the second will explain how feature selection can become the most powerful tool in this niche. Next, there will be a compact discussion of the perspectives of neural networks and feature selection.

The first two workshops are available at YT channel laboratories. Introductory session opened by Andrey Filchenkov [кстати, в нашем блоге есть его рассказ о том, что ждет начинающих ученых в сфере машинного обучения] and Valeria Efimova, who showed the process of generating artificial images using various examples, including using text, and discussed the future with her colleague procedural art

At the second seminar – in addition to news from the ML-world – Igor Buzhinsky explained whether it is easy to make a neural network make a mistake, using the example of picture classification problems and neural network routing. Together with Arip Asadulaev, he discussed what, in theory, is more promising for ill-wishers – to deceive AI or natural intelligence.

Thematic workshop “Antennas of the Future”

February 17 – 15:00 – [регистрация] – will be held online

This workshop organizes New Phystech… Its specialists support a special section and are often published in our blog on Habré [раз, два, три]… The event will interest those who associate their future with the field of radio physics: at the meeting, representatives of ITMO’s partner companies Huawei, Corning and Topcon will speak about the activities of the leading R&D departments, plus a lecture by Stanislav Glybovsky, head of the Physics of RF Technologies specialization in the magistracy of New Physics and Technology.

Scientific meetup with the vice-rector in online format

February 24 – 16:00 – [регистрация]

ITMO University opens a series of thematic seminars on the most pressing scientific issues. At the first meeting, the head of our laboratories “Evolutionary Computing” Maxim Buzdalov… He will explain how to tune the parameters of evolutionary algorithms directly in the course of their work. So far, there are very few publications on this topic, therefore, it will be useful to get acquainted with the topic of Maxim entitled “Parameters in evolutionary algorithms: tuning, control, surprises” for everyone who is interested in this direction.

We invite everyone who is ready to support a discussion on the topic to participate. The seminar will be moderated by Vladimir Nikiforov, ITMO University’s Vice-Rector for Research.

Jubilee X Congress of Young Scientists

April 14-17 – online – [сайт конгресса]

Until March 1st, we accept applications from graduate students and budding scientistswho would like to take part in sections, round tables and thematic seminars in six areas: biotech, computer technology, interdisciplinary research, social and human sciences, translational IT and photonics. At the end of the event, experts will choose the best reports, and the editorial staff will prepare and publish a collection of papers by the speakers of the congress.

As an introduction, you can study collections IX and VIII congresses in online format. By the way, competitions at this event can give schoolchildren additional points to the Unified State Exam for admission to ITMO University. More – we invite scientific leaders… General information and rules of participation are on the site, and the organizers publish the news in Vk

Photo: Dylan Ferreira.  Source: Unsplash.com
Photo: Dylan Ferreira. Source: Unsplash.com

III International Scientific Conference SEWAN-2021

April 19-24 – intramural-distance format – [сайт конференции]

The event will address areas such as energy efficiency, environmental safety and clean technologies, sustainable cold chains and food biotechnology. Materials will be included in collections of scientific articles and journals from the list of VAK. Attention – registration of participants and acceptance of abstracts lasts until February 21, 2021.

As a supplement, the conference will include an intensive course of the School of Young Scientists.

Conference “Internet and Modern Society” IMS-2021

Acceptance of applications from January 16 to March 10 – [сайт конференции]

The event will be held as part of the Information Society Technology Week in St. Petersburg from June 23 to 26, 2021 and will include sections: “Internet and modern society”, IT and linguistics, cyberpsychology and e-government. Speakers will have the opportunity to publish full materials and abstracts in collections of scientific articles.

Everyone is welcome. Registration rules are on the site conferences.

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