What you need to know about online interviews

Online interviews existed before the pandemic, but they used to be more of an alternative than the only way for applicants to get to know the company. For many, they remain something unfamiliar and even frightening. This uncertainty often stops engineers from looking for work, although there are enough vacancies and opportunities in the market.

We spoke with DINS recruiter Nastya Tachkova to find out how to prepare for an online interview and leave a positive impression of the meeting. And you will also find out what you should definitely not do (spoiler: Google and vape are involved).

Create conditions

It is important not to be distracted during the interview. Hide the children in a closet, put the other half on a one-color puzzle, bribe your neighbor Vasya to stop drilling the wall for the interview. Do everything to keep peace and quiet around – this will help you focus on the interview.

Check your speakers and microphone

And it’s better to do it a couple of hours before the meeting. In this case, if there is a problem with the connection, you will have time to solve it. Finding an alternative way to connect when the interview has begun is not a test for the faint of heart.

If you are using headphones and have a spare pair, put them close to where you will be interviewing. So you don’t have to give up everything at a crucial moment and go in search of a replacement.

Turn on your webcam

Not everyone likes to have a video conversation, but we recommend turning on the camera during the interview. This helps to establish contact with the person on the other side of the screen. It becomes more comfortable if you can see how the interlocutor reacts to the lines, nods or smiles.

Keep a notebook and pen handy

In technical interviews, you need to solve problems. Therefore, prepare a piece of paper and a pen to write down the conditions and decisions, so as not to keep everything in mind.

Even in a notebook, you can record important facts about the company for you or write down questions that arise during the conversation. This way you will definitely not forget anything important.

Spy on your resume

If possible, print out your resume and put it next to you. If you can’t print, write the milestones of your career history on a piece of paper. With this cheat sheet, you can consistently talk about experiences or easily jump back to the right point if you get lost.

Do not smoke vapes during your interview

Also, don’t cook soup or do handicrafts. Even if the interlocutor does not see anything strange in these activities, they can distract from the next question or confuse you. Get things done before or after the meeting.

Don’t google answers

Yes, it happens, and it’s easy to notice. Your interlocutor will definitely hear the keyboard “click-click” and suspect that something is wrong during the prolonged pause.

Not knowing the answers to all questions is normal. At such moments, think aloud, show the train of thought, ask additional questions – they can clarify the situation. It is more important to show good judgment than to answer each question in any way.

Warn about force majeure

Sometimes you can’t get to a meeting. It’s not scary, just warn the recruiter in advance – write to Telegram, call, send an email or a carrier pigeon.

Remember the benefits of online interviews

Thanks to the online format, there is no need to waste time on the road. This saves time and nerves – no one will step on their feet in public transport, you will not have to stand in a traffic jam, you will definitely not get caught in the rain on the way to the office. A familiar home environment will give you confidence and help you stay calm. Brew your favorite tea, prepare your workplace, check the connection – and may you be lucky.

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