What will happen to ITSM in 2020?

What will happen to ITSM in 2020 and the new decade? The editors of ITSM Tools conducted a survey of industry experts and company representatives – key players in the market. We have studied the article and are ready to tell you what to pay attention to this year.

Trend 1. Well-being of employees

Business will have to work to create a comfortable environment for employees. But providing comfortable jobs is not enough.
A greater level of process automation will also have a beneficial effect on the mood of the team. Due to the reduction in the number of routine tasks, labor productivity will increase, and the level of stress will decrease. As a result, job satisfaction increases.
Six months ago we already wrote article on the topic of employee satisfaction, which described in detail how to make life better for employees using business process automation tools.

Trend 2. Further training of workers, loosening the boundaries of “bunkers”

It is important that company executives understand what skills IT employees require in order to maintain the current business strategy and develop a future one, and assist in acquiring these skills. The ultimate goal of acquiring these skills is the destruction of the “bunker” culture, which hinders the productive interaction between company departments.
IT-specialists begin to master the principles of work of other departments of companies. They will delve into the organization’s business processes and see its growth points. Thereby:

  • self-service portals will improve as they will take into account differences in user experience and skills
  • The IT team will be ready to scale the business and have the resources for this;
    human resources in IT will be freed up without harming users (virtual agents will appear, automatic incident analysis, etc.)
  • IT teams will partner with business leaders to accelerate business goals with technology

Trend 3. Measuring and transforming employee experience

In 2020, you need to pay more attention to user experience. This will increase productivity and overall productivity.

Trend 4. Cybersecurity

As the amount of data continues to grow, take care to increase resources, but maintain and improve data quality. Find an opportunity to protect them from hacks and leaks.

Trend 5. The introduction of artificial intelligence

Companies are committed to intelligent ITSM and are introducing artificial intelligence. It helps to make predictions based on analytics, improve automation autonomously from employees, based on user experience. To make AI smarter, organizations must fuel it with intelligent processes. Spend this year improving business intelligence, developing and implementing AI applications.

Trend 6. Creation of new communication channels

It’s time to think about creating and testing new communication channels through which users request services and report problems. IT services are ready to help users through their preferred channel of communication. It doesn’t matter via Skype, Slack or Telegram: users should receive information anywhere and from any device.
According to the materials itsm.tools/itsm-trends-in-2020-the-crowdsourced-perspective

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