What to read and listen to on a long weekend – selected materials and videos from “World of Hi-Fi”

In this collection, we share materials not only on how to distract from the news agenda and relax, but also talk about technologies to improve the gaming experience, lo-fi music, lightning headphones and sources with noteworthy audio content for the background.

Plus – we show our show with the stars of the music industry and invite you to the exhibition.

Photo: Avi Naim.  Source: Unsplash.com
Photo: Avi Naim. Source: Unsplash.com

Turn the game around: lo-fi music isn’t played for money… We explain why those who host and support lo-fi streams for years are often not interested in money or any career growth in the industry. Where did this style come from, why listen to such music, who makes the most notable selections, how these people live and how much they can earn from their work – we tell in our long read on the topic and cite as examples a number of lo-fi channels that have become successful commercial projects … The latter, by the way, are already going beyond this area and even to some extent mastering the “offline” business.

Audio social networks have just entered the trend, but everyone has already gotten tired of it… We are discussing the situation around sensational projects like Clubhouse and talking about who is going to copy the functionality of this social network. IN adjacent material on the topic – we share details about the potential vulnerability that we found in the “club house”, and we understand why so close attention of investors and labels is riveted to audio projects today.

Lo-fi aggregator, noise mixer and player with free music… What you can listen to as a background not only to tune in to work, but also during your rest – we share another selection of selected sources. Last time we told about free mixes, a cover for a second monitor with nature sounds and an ambient player… Now we suggest using a lo-fi music aggregator, try a noise mixer and test a free player with a variety of tracks from open sources.

If by the end of the May holidays you want to listen to how the office atmosphere sounds, set as a background something from one of our previous collections audio content.

Lightning headphones – what you need to know about them… It seems that Apple deprived their mobile devices of the 3.5mm output just the year before last, but about four years have passed since that moment. On the other hand, the lightning controversy continues. An increasing number of such headphones and related reviews appear on the market, where they are compared with the classics. In this article, the journalists of “What Hi-Fi” analyze this topic: from the history of the issue to popular models, their shortcomings and possible alternatives.

ALLM – what you need to know about automatic low latency input mode… We are sharing another analytical note from the “What Hi-Fi” publication. This time its editors focused on the discussion of Auto Low Latency Mode – its tasks, real capabilities, compatibility with various types of devices such as game consoles, TVs, soundbars and AV-receivers. The result is accessible and relatively rich material, suitable for acquaintance with the technology and devices with its support.

VRR is all about variable refresh rate… What Hi-Fi experts talk about variable refresh rate – another technology, understanding of which will be useful for owners of new generation gaming systems. The fact is that in video games, the refresh rate of the picture changes depending on certain scenes and the current system load, its capabilities and the installed settings. Therefore, in a situation where a TV is used to display the image, VRR support on its side will not hurt. Another thing is that it is difficult to understand the numerous VRR implementations – journalists help to understand what’s what.

How to get distracted from the news agenda and relax… It seems that this is what we all have to do next week. Therefore, podcasts, movies and music are helpful. We share the recommendations of Alexey Kochetkov, who founded the Mubert music service, Denis Kolesnikov, known to the general public under the nickname “Courage-Bambey”, and Liza Surganov, who works as the chief editor of KinoPoisk. Additional resources from other sources are included in a separate article about how to take and sleep in a crisis

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