“What to Listen to”: Which Topics Covered in the First Season of the Science and Technology Podcast ITMO Research_

We tell about transmission with the participation of teachers, researchers, specialists and heads of various departments of ITMO University. In addition to compact descriptions of each release, we link text transcripts on Habré and YT versions with timecodes.

Take and dive into the realm of machine learning

45 min Apple Podcasts · Youtube · Yandex.Music · PodFM · Google podcasts Habr

The speaker of this issue leads the profile group in the international scientific laboratory “Computer techologies“, And also – is a member of the” High Jury “of the” TechnoText “competition and conducts”News from the ML world»On the YouTube channel of the ITMO Machine Learning Laboratory.

During the conversation with Andrey Filchenkov we discuss requisites for the start and development in the field of medical science, process preparation of scientific publications and transfer different solutions.

The interview turned out to be quite lengthy, but the release is one of the best for getting to know the program. By a lucky coincidence, he was the first in the podcast audio feed.

How to raise AR in the stadium and learn gamedev

70 min Apple Podcasts YouTube (time, two) Google podcasts Habr (one, two)

how synchronize arena shows, TV broadcasts and personalized AR content – tells Andrey Karsakov… He works in the data visualization and computer graphics group, plus he helps companies with the design of complex solutions and systems.

The nuances of the approach technology stack, “Combat” use – we discuss all this, and in the second half of the conversation we talk about behavioral modeling and Master’s Degree in Game Dev

We divided the text transcript on Habré into two thematic parts (first, second). However, the episode turned out to be dynamic – we recommend listening calmly in full.

What is quantum hacking and key distribution

43 minutes Apple Podcasts · Youtube · Yandex.Music · PodFM · Google podcasts Habr

The guest of the release leads the theoretical group of the laboratory of quantum processes and measurements, regularly participates in pop science podcasts and a show where in simple words talks about physics, new type of communication systems, data encryption and “quantum hacking“.

His name is Anton Kozubov… For our podcast, he parsed the topic quantum key distribution… More – talked about industry specifics and shared his views on alternative scientific theories in this area and issues of differentiation of fundamental and applied science.

The essence of the quantum key distribution is that for all Eve’s attacks, we can allocate such an amount of allocated bits that will be known only to Alice and only to Bob. Eve won’t know about him. This is the main goal of our work.

But it’s interesting for me to come up with such attacks so that Alice and Bob are confident in safety, and Eve would arrange everything in such a way as to bypass the defense.

– Anton Kozubov, in the third issue of “ITMO Research_”

How to approach development in the field of robotics

29 min Apple Podcasts · Yandex.Music · PodFM · Google podcasts · Youtube Habr

What infrastructure is available at ITMO University, which is worth highlighting among projects undergraduate and graduate students, how to join the educational process and determine the trajectory of development in this area – explains Sergey Kolyubin. He heads the laboratory of biomechatronics and energy efficient robotics and holds managerial positions in the structure of the university.

In the video (above), we combined the first part of the issue with photo tours of the laboratories.

How we prepare for the youth robotics Olympiads

28 min Apple Podcasts · Yandex.Music · PodFM · Google podcasts · Youtube Habr

Igor Lositskiy is the head of our youth laboratory and helps the children to get to the presentation of their own robotic projects at the largest Russian and international competitions in one or two years. During our conversation, we remembered prize-winning projects and figured out how to parents to choose robotic circles for children.

We strive for justified complexity and originality, so that our developments find a response in the human soul and evoke emotions. In addition to the technical component, the interest of the developers themselves is important to us.

– Igor Lositsky, in the fifth issue of “ITMO Research_”

What does ITMO University’s Infochemistry Center do

42 minutes Apple Podcasts · Yandex.Music · PodFM · Google podcasts · Youtube Habr

The speaker of this issue worked at the Max Planck Institute, and then at Harvard, with the most cited chemist of our years. Her name is Ekaterina Skorb, and today she is developing our center of infochemistry. We built an interview around him – we talked about practical relevance and design for the consumer, opportunities for newbies and plans for the future.

It is a “classic” episode in terms of duration for our podcast. However, the content may seem a little complicated. Consider this when choosing a place and time to listen.

How and what tech entrepreneurs are taught

29 min Apple Podcasts · Yandex.Music · PodFM · Google podcasts · Youtube Habr

Anton Gopka, Dean of the Faculty of Technology Management and Innovation, General Partner of ATEM Capital, explains, to whom and why we need “hard skills” in entrepreneurship. He also shares examples of successful startups built by our students and talks in detail about the approach to organizing various educational programs #itmotech… For example, an expert council was formed specifically to work with masters to evaluate projects. Into it entered representatives of leading technology companies, biotech and fintech.

Codeforces platform and sports programming

41 minutes Apple Podcasts · Yandex.Music · Google podcasts · PodFM · Youtube Habr

The guest of this issue has developed platform for those involved in sports programming, and has assembled a large community. He shares his views on how this field is developing, talks about the role of ICPC “graduates”, comments on the device Codeforces and interest of companies to those who are familiar with sports programming.

Previously, competitions were one of the few social lifts: the day before yesterday you were still a schoolboy from a factory district of an incomprehensible city, and then you started to study and after a few years ended up in top companies to the best employers in the world.

Now the number of such lifts has increased – internships and hackathons have appeared, but the focus was somewhat blurred. But this is life, and it’s good that there are alternatives.

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