What to listen to on the weekend: 5 selected issues of the Russian-language podcast on audio technology

We decided to recall one of the first Russian-language programs on the topic and prepared a digest of selected issues. It will appeal to everyone who loves music, movies and would like to get acquainted with the world of Hi-Fi at the level of an advanced amateur. In the podcast – interviews with experts in the field of high-end acoustics design. We are also talking about the history of the Old School brand, home theaters and projectors. As a bonus, full text transcripts for each issue on Habré.

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The nature of digital and analog sound [Хабр] [[Web player][[Apple podcasts]. We talked with Anatoly Arsenov, Ph.D., a physicist, expert in the field of digital sound and engineer F-Lab. He helped to understand the terminology. As examples, we considered a call on a landline telephone and Morse code – we talked about how it works, what is transmitted and in what form.

We also talked about how digital sound transmission has become more popular than analogue and how the development of technology affects the sound quality of compositions. They also touched on the history of MP3 and HD audio.

Sound ecosystem [Хабр] [[Web player] [ApplePodcasts[ApplePodcasts]. Together with Yuri Fomin, design engineer of high-end speaker systems, we talk about what sound is for people. We are discussing how to “embed” acoustic equipment in everyday life and create our own ecosystem of sound. Plus – we think about headphones and consumer culture: how to choose compromise acoustics and take into account the point of view of relatives.

There are certain assessments that a person can make only himself, for example, to determine the main criterion: “Like / Dislike”. Sometimes a person likes what he cannot buy. He lives life and dies with it. I propose this approach: grow with the environment – buy what you can afford to satisfy your “milestone” tasks, and deal with a product that “accompanies”, that is, grows with you.

– Yuri Fomin

Sound for home [Хабр] [[Web player][[Apple podcasts]. This is a release on the basics of home audio. Here we joked about what is common between “greed for sound quality” and Formula 1 cars; figured out why sometimes the “coolness” of the equipment kills the pleasure of listening; and discussed other issues, including projector selection.

Digis Electra Projector Screen in Audiomania

Upgrade it [Хабр] [[Web player][[Apple podcasts]. Another conversation with Yuri Fomin, where we again touch upon the ecosystem of sound. We discuss why engineers are improving existing models of audio systems – how these processes occur, what role the consumer plays in this, and the desire to show off to a neighbor. We talk about what awaits the speaker industry, why it is important to pass on only the best to future generations and touch on the topic of psychoacoustics.

Conservatism in my understanding and in the understanding of a person who is 20 years old is not always identical. I will give an example. When my children were born, they could not choose anything, they could only listen to what I was listening to. Somehow it affected them.

When they were 16 years old, I heard different music. When I invited them to listen to Michael Jackson, they did not even know who he was. Traditions, what we pass on: knowledge, taste, the environment we are in … If we consider this to be the best, we surround our loved ones with this. We are trying to make this environment consistent with our inner world, and, accordingly, with the desire of relatives to perceive this, our system is created. Now, of course, the ecosystem is unthinkable without modern devices.

Yuri Fomin

Bookshelf speakers Old School Monitor M1 in Audiomania

New classic [Хабр] [[Web player][[Apple podcasts]. We talk about one of the first lines of Old School acoustics – a European brand with Russian roots. She fell in love with Russian audiophiles and was warmly received at her first exhibition in Munich. In this issue, we discuss the history of the brand and talk about the design approach of the manufacturing company.

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