What to hear about corporate networking over the weekend – three themed podcasts

Last time we picked up books about maintaining and securing corporate networks. Today we are talking about three audio shows on the same topic – for those who do not have time to read.

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Defrag This[[Apple Podcasts][[Website]

Regularity: monthly
Duration: 10-25 minutes

The host of the podcast is Greg Mooney, who has written for cybersecurity and IT technology publications for over a decade. He invites guests from large corporations (including IBM) to chat with them on the latest industry news and insights.

One of the latest speakers dedicated protecting corporate infrastructure from large-scale virus attacks like WannaCry. They also spokehow companies can protect their network when most employees work remotely, and dismantled key principles of cyber hygiene.

Malicious Life[[Apple Podcasts][[Website]

Regularity: several times a month
Duration: 30-60 min

The podcast is produced by Cybereason, a cybersecurity technology company. This is an opportunity to strengthen the protection of corporate networks and servers, learning from the mistakes of colleagues in the shop. Each episode of the show is dedicated to a major breach or data breach. The presenter interviews those involved in this event: hackers, information security specialists, journalists and politicians.

One of the issues dedicated to the case of Gary McKinnon, who hacked into US military computers in the early 2000s to find out if the government had contact with aliens. Speakers also talk about the WANK worm, which got into the NASA network and compromised the launch of a dozen satellites. There are podcast episodes about more “recent” events – for example, massive hacking Fortnite PC game accounts.

Sometimes the host pauses in a series of interviews and just talks about technology – for example, peculiarities of work The Great Firewall of China.

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Heavy Networking[[Apple Podcasts][[Website]

Regularity: weekly
Duration: 50-60 min

Transfer from the Packet Pushers project that founded three engineers – Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks and Dan Hughes.

The list of topics discussed by experts is extensive: the operation of data centers, the transition to IPv6, as well as wireless technologies, network automation and open source. One of the issues dedicated to the SONiC network operating system, which we talked about in the previous article. The presenters also make a kind of reviews on the products of major network equipment manufacturers – Dell, Cisco and Juniper.

There are other thematic podcasts on the site – for example, Day two cloud about migration to the cloud and IPv6 Buzz about the next generation protocol.

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