what to choose a programmer – experts answer

First of all, you need to be sure that the tool with which the person will work is convenient. And the operating system is a tool and nothing else. If we talk about choosing an operating system, it would be nice to immediately know where your application will be spinning in the future. If a person intends to develop for the OS X operating system (for MacBook, iOS, iPhone, iPad), then he definitely needs experience in macOS and OS X itself, because all other operating systems support Swift and Objective-C, but at a rather weak level. OS X development tools inside OS X are well-tuned and native.

Then we have the eternal struggle between Windows and Linux. Starting a holivar, I think, makes no sense. If the user has the habit of working in Windows, then it makes sense in this operating system to stay, since, in principle, 80% of development tasks can be closed in Windows. If you want to try something else – it is, of course, Linux. It is advisable to make Linux in a virtual machine so as not to lose its current environment, but to be able to "feel". A lot of any software for development is written for both operating systems, here it’s also worth mentioning right away that if you plan to develop on Android, you should at least be familiar with the Linux operating system. You need to imagine what kind of environment it is, how it works, to know about open drivers, system settings, because Android is also Linux.

There is a specialized development stack for Windows: it is development for Active Directory, development of various protocols, development for Microsoft Office and other things. It’s clear that you won’t be able to switch to Linux with Microsoft Office, you absolutely need Windows for it. This raises the issue of licensing. If a person has had Linux all his life, then he cannot afford to buy a license, which conditionally costs 8,000 rubles. Therefore, in most cases, users remain on Linux.

I, in turn, despite the fact that I lead my lessons from a macbook, actively promote Linux of various kinds: these are all sorts of pop Debian and Ubuntu, various kinds of Arch Linux, even Red Hat and so on and so forth. Accordingly, if you have any concerns, it is worth remembering that the tools on Linux are the same as on Windows, that is, all development environments (everything that does not concern Microsoft Visual Studio) are ported and work cross-platform. For a beginner, it will be easy to navigate, the main thing is that you do not immediately start climbing into the console or living in the terminal and scaring yourself.

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