What the programmer will have to guess on New Year's Eve – experts dream

The modern IT industry is developing very actively. Each year brings us new keywords: NoSQL, microservices, augmented reality, blockchain, machine learning, serverless architecture. New languages ​​and frameworks appear every year. Old proven languages ​​and platforms are actively developing.

In such a situation, it is not clear what one can dream of. For IDEA to have a slightly more convenient integration with Gradle? Or for Java 12 to add raw string literals? Of course, it would be nice. But I think they’ll add it anyway – not in the 12th, so in the 13th version – so I won’t say that it’s a dream.

But still, perhaps, there is a candidate for my dream. I’ll step back for clarification. Back in 1995, Borland released the first version of the famous IDE Delphi – and it was a real bomb. Creating a wide range of desktop applications has been simplified and accelerated dozens of times. This is not an exaggeration – actually in the tens. Where previously a team of several experienced developers was required for several months, now one smart smart junior could cope in a month. Delphi allowed to automate many areas where, due to the high cost of software, no one ever thought about automation.

Now, 2018 is in the yard (it will be 2019 very soon), Delphi and its heirs are still with us, but the era of desktop applications, with rare exceptions, has passed, now everything is done through a browser, and IT is driven by web applications. But his Delphi did not happen in the world of the web. Several companies made the approach to the projectile: Microsoft, Adobe, Jetbrains, Oracle, Haulmont (CUBA Platform). But not one of them was able to achieve the proper prevalence, simplicity and versatility.

Creating web applications is still a long and always awkward process. There are many objective reasons for this: the fragmentation of technology; noticeably wider requirements for web applications compared to the requirements for desktop applications in 1995; IT sphere increased by several orders of magnitude; it’s just very difficult to reach a large enough number of developers.

So, I dream of a widespread tool that would allow creating web applications for business as simple, fast and reliable as Delphi allowed for desktop applications.

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