What professions do women choose in the capital and the region

Hey habr! I’m Aleksey, an analyst at Megaputer. Recently, the holiday of the beautiful half of humanity has passed, and I thought about women’s popular professions.

Currently, there are practically no restrictions for women in choosing a profession, but only a few choose specific ones, such as a programmer, crane operator, machinist. Many of the fair sex, it seems, still gravitate towards primordially female activities. These traditionally include the following professions: teacher, nurse, nanny, kindergarten teacher, accountant, secretary, beautician, salesperson and some others. Is it so? Traditionally, I decided to conduct a study in the PolyAnalyst program.

The resumes of the fair sex of the capitals and regions were analyzed. The company’s analysts uploaded resumes of women from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Ivanovo and Tver from a job search site.

In the text of the resume, using NLP natural language data processing algorithms, general information about the applicant, such as age, work experience, education, and the position of interest, was analyzed. Links were also established between the skills presented for each position and the positions themselves.

The analysis resulted in the “top 10” leading vacancies among women.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, they were: manager, administrator, accountant, assistant manager, specialist, lawyer, clerk, sales consultant, secretary, graphic designer.

In Tver-Ivanovo they were: manager, accountant, administrator, secretary, specialist, lawyer, lawyer. Consultant, assistant manager, PC operator, clerk.

The first three popular vacancies are very impressive. In the capital and the region, it will coincide. This manager, administrator, accountant. The difference is only in the position of the accountant. In the capital, it is in third place, and in the region – in second. There are also coincidences in the positions of secretary, specialist and lawyer. Consider these six matches according to the main criteria: age, work experience, education and salary.

According to the average age of applicants, it can be noted that the trend towards career growth in the capital for the position of manager and secretary is higher. There, the average is 32 years. In the region, in these positions, you can sit as a secretary until almost 40 years old. The average is 38 years.

When considering the remaining criteria, it can be noted that the salary for these vacancies in the capital is 40% higher than in the region. The level of education of the fair sex in the region is higher than in the capital. There, representatives of all professions have a higher education in comparison with the capital, where all professions are characterized from secondary education to a master’s degree.

The world is changing, and more and more women are looking to get a job in more paid fields and become lawyers, designers, managers or lawyers. Unfortunately, our charts confirm this, because the professions of teachers, nurses, nannies, kindergarten teachers did not make it into our rating at all. Judges, surgeons or female technologists have not surprised anyone for a long time. As well as the appearance of men in the ranks of accountants, primary school teachers, tutors and others. The seller and waiter have already ceased to be considered typical female professions. Applicants are no longer guided by gender differences, but by personal preferences and wage levels.

Therefore, a woman can safely choose any profession that she likes and build a career in any industry.

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