What podcasts does the “Committee”, “Habr” and Sports.ru have

I’ll tell you what kind of programs the media do. Using three well-known UGC platforms as an example.

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We will be honest, while we can’t talk about the Russian market in this niche. Few people know how to make adequate advertising in podcasts, and there are fewer buyers for it.

By the way, we already had a hype for conversational content … six years ago. In 2013–2014, iTunes was full of IT podcasts, design and even audio gadgets. People did most of the programs enthusiastically and could not wait for the mass audience, which was just discovering this format. Therefore, today the place of amateurs is increasingly taken by professional publishers.

I’ll tell you about attempts to do something in this area – programs written by the teams of large Russian-speaking UGC-media: “Committee”, “Habr” and Sports.ru.

Publishing House “Committee”

Everyone knows that the “Committee” has three platforms for a fairly young and active audience from all points of view – DTF, TJ and vc.ru, but not everyone is aware of the podcasts that these publications release.

Interestingly, Zuckerberg Calls made the first attempts back in 2013. Then recorded 17 issues, and stopped at that. At the end of 2016, the guys from DTF launched the program “More Minerals”, But this podcast didn’t live as much. Later, on the project website, they opened UGC section with podcasts, and thematic activity in it today is the highest of all ID sites.

TJ began to come out in the spring of 2019 “Marginal notes”, In the recording of which the editors and their colleagues participated: from Likhachev to Zhigulina and other employees of the publication. But the project, in which the hosts and guests discussed the best materials, news and “cuisine”, hangs for almost a year on a pause.

On the other hand, TJ now has a sub-site “Podcasts“. It is one time were published Announcements of the programs of the Habr editorial office, about which I will tell in more detail further.


The podcast headliner of the site is called “Habr weekly“, And it is worth recognizing that he justifies the announced exit schedule. To some extent, there is a merit of the third-party studio “Podkasterskaya”.

It helps Habr with recording and editing, but from the point of view of content preparation, the editorial board plays a key role. The program has been released since last May. Usually, the conversation is conducted by Ivan Zvyagin, chief editor of Habr, Daler Aliyorov, PM platforms, and their colleagues.

The show touches on the most discussed materials on the site and topics of the week, which always correspond to the current IT agenda, but are also suitable for retrospective listening.

There is also “Habr special“In an interview format. The topics depend on what the speakers are doing, which the editors are inviting.


I can’t boast of significant experience publishing articles on this site – “Habr” and vc.ru I know much better, but I did a little research on the podcasts of this publication.

Some activity with audio content began on Sports.ru in the fall of 2018. It confirms official version the history of podcasting a publication that is only adding to this area. When I started looking for shows related to Sports.ru, I found five programs.

Now there are more of them. One of the most famous podcasts is called “Cappuccino & catenaccio“. It is led by Lukomsky and Poroshin, journalists of the new and old schools. Issues last from an hour to two, but they say about football. I would also highlight the show “Cart, bro!“- it is for hockey fans. To get acquainted with other programs you can open official site site.

P.S. Next time I’ll tell you what the guys from Rusbase, Medusa and Kinopoisk are doing.

P.P.S. If you would like not to limit yourself to listening and launch your technological podcast (personal or corporate), I will be happy to help – from organizing remote recording to audio processing, publishing and distribution. Contact in PM here or on facebook.

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