what NOT to do to work effectively and comfortably from home

Alexander, a leading consultant, develops streaming data processing platforms, has been with Neoflex since 2018. From the beginning of remote work, he moved with his whole family to the country. In winter, he is regularly forced to call workers to the house to repair electricity and communications, and then a bulldozer to help the workers drive along snow-covered roads. In the summer it protects the house from wild boars.

Work wherever you need to. Sit on the couch in a comfortable position – in the form of the letter zyu. If you still decide to work at the table, be sure to choose a low table in the kitchen and do not forget to sit on a stool without a back. So you get tired faster and stop working by lunchtime.

  • Anna and Cyril: “We specially collected jobs in order to sit closer to each other. In addition, we are not just a couple and colleagues – we are teammates, we play MMORPGs, for example, Diablo. Therefore, we have two gaming chairs with back and neck support, on which you can sit quietly for 16 hours a day – neither your back nor your neck gets tired. It is necessary that the workplace meets all needs: so do not forget to buy curtains from the sun and kick the cat out of the room.

  • Maksim: “I equipped the workplace as budget-friendly as possible. We were lucky that we bought an apartment with a loggia already equipped with a computer desk. It remains only to get the right equipment. Even before remote work, this was my lair, where I could retire, read or watch something. ”

  • Alexander: “My workplace is simple but comfortable. The furniture is as close as possible to the office. Plus a laptop that was issued by the company according to my requirements. It helps me to immerse myself in the working atmosphere as much as possible.”

    Take the technology faster

    Need a laptop or computer? Don’t worry about specifications, convenience and features. Why do you need them? Comfortable keyboard and mouse – tsatski for pampered hipsters. You do not need a second monitor, let them not ask, you will not take it. Better strain your eyes, why else do you need them.

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  • Kirill: “At home, I organized the workplace for myself and assembled a powerful computer. I want – I work, I want – I watch a movie or play. I am pleased to be at the workplace, because it is where my leisure time is spent. I bought all the equipment myself, because I wanted to choose everything in detail. Although Neoflex offers, for example, a laptop, computer or monitor.”

  • Alexander: “I chose the last laptop according to the parameters of autonomy. I live outside the city – sometimes the electricity can be turned off. Yes, and I corny rarely put the laptop on charge. A MacBook Pro with the latest processor came up: it lives 14 hours without charging. It happens that in the morning I take a laptop, go to the river and work in the gazebo. The company can also issue a second or third monitor, keyboard, other equipment.”

    Use only mobile internet

    Optical fiber is the last century. I don’t care about the availability of quick access to the network or possible interruptions in electricity, communications. But in the house there will be no extra wires. What if something goes wrong? For example, the speed will drop to zero for a couple of hours and nothing will be loaded? Or just cut off the light? Great, you can’t stop relaxing! If interruptions occur frequently, you will unexpectedly learn to focus on work to the utmost and always work in multitasking mode. Because without it, your hardcore Internet simply will not allow you to deal with cumulative tasks in a timely manner. Free training!

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  • Alexander: “Outside the city, the infrastructure is always weaker. But problems with electricity are rather an exception, and such a shutdown usually lasts up to 3-5 hours. I have two UPSs: one serves a laptop, the second – two monitors and a router. So I can exist autonomously for about 30 hours.

    One day at the end of winter we were visited by a herd of wild boars. Large, with large fangs. It’s not scary – rather surprising: you look out the window – and you see how four wild boars are trying to steal food from the dog. If you live close to nature, perhaps you should think about security measures.

    move less

    Always work while sitting in one place. Don’t go anywhere. In the kitchen that you have chosen, suddenly the faucet began to drip? Nothing. The rhythmic tapping of water against the sink will help you achieve zen. Or increase tension and stress levels, which is also good. In general, try to move less while you work. No physical activity. No gymnastics, no warm-ups. The samurai has no goal, only a tense neck, a back in an unnatural position, and the path to problems with the spine and the cardiovascular system. And the moss that has grown on your motionless body will protect you from drafts and help you determine where the north is.

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  • Kirill: “When we switched to remote work, it became possible to get up early – around seven in the morning – and go rollerblading along a small – 10-12 kilometers – route. This is not our only warm-up, of course, after work we also go in for sports. And we don’t do physical education during the day, and this affects our health. I have a problem with my elbow, Anna has carpal tunnel syndrome. I had to go through physical therapy. So it’s better to have at least some sport during the day.”

  • Maksim: “Usually I sit down to work and hardly get up. And here’s something lately there are problems with the lower back. But the loggia is large – during calls I go, squat or do push-ups. Sometimes I get out to the apartment, switch to a laptop to sit on the couch.

  • Alexander: “I go out for a walk with the dog at 7 am. I can even run a couple of miles. This wakes you up to the beginning of the working day, at 9 in the morning you are already fully equipped and ready to solve problems. In the afternoon I can go out for a walk with the dog to get some air and switch.

    During the day, I can go outside at any time, walk to the river in 10 minutes, I often do this in the afternoon. This was not the case in the office. During calls, only distant splashes of water and the characteristic sounds of nature entertain colleagues. For concentration, complete isolation and unity with nature, complete autonomy are important to me. The main thing is to have reliable mobile Internet with you.”

    Holidays and rest are for the weak

    Dedicate free time to work or sleep. Forget hobbies. In the evenings, by inertia, stare at the screen of a working computer, flip through memes. To finally mix life with work, and day with night. This way, you’ll reach burnout faster. If you still just need to take a break, do it no more than once every three years. Otherwise, you risk too relax, soften, lose your grip. So if you took a vacation – in no case do not rest! It is better to dig up potatoes from dawn to dusk.

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  • Anna and Cyril: “We try to go on vacation before we start to burn out. If one has already boiled, then it’s time. We rest exclusively together and leave away from the apartment in order to escape from household chores. There are also bad holidays – these are those that you have to take because of your studies. The company also helps to relax: there are various online activities, including eSports.”

  • Kirill: “I advise you to separate the work area from the recreation area. My wife and I rest and work in the same room. Plus situation – I’m always at work, even when not at work. The cons are the same. Because of this, I get more tired and burn out faster, I experience more stress outside of work hours.

  • Maksim: “Neoflex holds online events, for example, general company calls: including for those employees who are sour or something remotely. This includes sports activities like exercise. There are various trainings for relaxation and self-development.

    No mode!

    The daily routine is the product of a worldwide conspiracy of evil kindergarten nurses. Don’t fall victim to it! Who needs breakfast anyway? It is better to immediately get involved in the work, while you have not yet stopped squinting your eyes awake! And why limit yourself to just work tasks? The house is full of urgent matters. Watch the child, wash the dishes, cook food, vacuum – you are sitting at home in vain, or something.

    In no case do not plan free time. Why communicate with family and friends at all? You can’t talk to them about problems! And the children do constantly scream, climb on their hands, in every possible way require attention. It is much more reasonable to talk exclusively with colleagues and only about work. After all, work is the main part of your life remotely.

    Our experience

  • Anna and Kirill: “We lived through the era of quarrels before Neoflex and learned from it. Now during the day we do not interfere with each other, because both are immersed in work. After it, in the evening we go for a walk together and share the news. Strange, but we actively communicate for the most part outside the home.

  • Maksim: “I have a peculiar daily routine. At seven in the morning I get up with my son, for the first two hours I feed him, play with him. Then the wife takes the child and I get to work. And at six I finish work, turn off the computer and take the child with me. We either go for a walk, if the weather permits, or we play at home. My son already has an internal clock: he himself comes up to me at six in the evening and calls me to play. Sometimes it happens that you have to refuse if there are urgent tasks.

    After switching to remote work, I explained to the family that during working hours “dad is at home – but dad is not at home.” You can only distract me in emergency situations. There were four in a year. For example, the child fell and had to be taken to the emergency room; I got conjunctivitis in my eye. In these cases, I warn the team that I need to leave, and I ask to move the calls or participate from the phone in the car. It happens that the wife asks to look after the child while she runs into the store. If possible, I will help. I like remote work because if there are no critical things, I can “take control of the child” during working hours, and work early in the morning or late in the evening.”

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