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Single-board computers are dangerous – you just have to get carried away with them and that’s it, it’s getting more and more addictive every day. Based on them, you can develop a lot of DIY projects, from the simplest, homemade, to quite industrial systems that control something important. At the same time, single-boards based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 processor appear weekly. Most of them are immediately understood by connoisseurs, but you can still get something.

In this collection – single-board processor-based Raspberry Pi. There are only 5 of them, but if you have worked with something that is not mentioned in the article, then unsubscribe in the comments, it will be interesting to get acquainted with the novelty. In the meantime, let’s remember what the market offers us.

Solder Party RP2040 Stamp

The cost of this single board is only $12, which makes it affordable for most fans of DIY electronics. In addition to the RP2040 chip itself, the system is equipped with 8 MB of flash memory, as well as a full-fledged GPIO pinout, which allows the system to be used for a wide range of projects.

The device is designed exclusively for electronics lovers, it has most of the functions that you may need in the process of working on a project of any complexity, and these functions really work. The board is designed exceptionally well, there are no complaints about the developers. It is suitable for both standard and not so DIY projects. One of its features is the ease of integration with almost any system.

By the way, it’s not for nothing that a single-payer is called a Stamp – it is comparable in size to most standard postage stamps. The board will not suit everyone, but it will come in handy for DIY projects. By the way, it also has a competitor – the PGA2040 from Pimoroni.


The board, at first glance, is very similar to the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, and in fact this single-board is an analogue of the Raspberry Pi. By the way, a similar model was released back in 2021 – the manufacturer was Red Robotics Pico 2 Pi.

The system is good for everyone – and compatibility with most Pi accessories, and the number of its own functions and capabilities.

All GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi Pico are separated using a typical Raspberry Pi 40 pin configuration. This means that the user can add HAT, pHATS and other add-ons. Not so long ago, one of the craftsmen developed a micro SD memory card reader connected via an SPI interface.

Single-pay scripts can be written in C++, MicroPython, CircuitPython, and many other programming languages.

It is worth noting that for such systems, the Winbond 25064JVS1Q has a good amount of memory – 8 MB, given the small size of the system itself. But the pinout of the device is somewhat different from the original Raspberry Pii. But still – it is almost completely compatible with the “raspberry”.

Nano RP2040 Connect

The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is the only RP2040 based board that has built-in Wi-Fi, the same module used by the Arduino Nano 33 IoT. But there is also RP2040 here, which can be considered a strong argument in favor of the board. The wireless chip is a powerful MCU with 520KB SRAM and a dual-core 240MHz 32-bit Xtensa LX6 processor. On this board, he is responsible only for communication.

The board is also equipped with the LSM6DSOXTR module, which allows you to determine the board’s position in space and identify gestures. The developers have also provided a microphone. The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is compatible with CircuitPython, MicroPython, and C, but being an Arduino product, the optimal environment for this board is the IDE.

By the way, the other day Aduino presented a new project based on
Nano RP2040 Connect.

We are talking about a robotic arm, which was called Braccio ++. This is a rather complex mechanism, the main one of which is Nano RP2040 Connect. The manipulator is quite interesting, so on its basis you can develop a variety of projects. Well, or just teach how to get apples from a basket nearby.

Braccio++ aims to introduce developers to concepts that reflect the challenges of using robots in industry. These are, for example, movement, stability and the effect of the weight of the payload on the capabilities of the manipulator. The kit includes the manipulator itself, the board, a set of assembly tools, as well as a couple of ready-made projects that users can study, after which they can start creating their own projects.

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Servo 2040

Another single-payer for the development of robotic projects. It looks unusual, but it has more opportunities than ordinary single-payers. According to the developers, it is designed to create systems with a large number of moving elements. The single-payer is equipped with 18 channels, so there are no problems with this. Each channel can control a servo, so 18 servos can be provided in the model, which, as it were, is not a simple system at all.

The developer is Pimoroni, which delivers its products worldwide. In addition to the single-board, servos, batteries, and wires are available to connect various systems to the Servo 2040. Interestingly, the announcement was made on April 1st, so many people thought it was such a strange April Fool’s prank. But no, the board is real, the servos too – so you can go for it.

Pimoroni Keybow 2040

This is not such a new project, but at the same time, it helps to solve many problems. The model is something special because it is a keyboard that is equipped with 16 keys. The keyboard has a backlight, so it looks very unusual.

The board comes with Pimoroni’s version of MicroPython and software for using the Keybow 2040. However, to work with the board, it’s better to use Adafruit’s CircuitPython and its USB HID module. With it, you can assign keystrokes, multimedia keys and mouse movements to any of the keys, which allows you to quickly deal with routine tasks.

Well, that’s all for today, don’t switch!

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