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We all wanted to somehow hint that IT exists not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also, for example, in the Urals. It took a long time to figure out how best to tell about this. We decided on the format when the editorial staff of Habr came to us and asked to show us the new office of Kontur. Then I (a member of the HR brand) took a photographer and went for a walk with her around the office, where a lot of everything happens at one moment. Under the cut – everything that we met on our way.

Courses for IT students

We have many educational projects and various educational movements. We conduct lectures, master classes, workshops and other educational activities in classrooms. There are two of them in the first office on Shirokaya Rechka, in the second – three.

On the day of the photoset, Spurs took place here – the School of Industrial Development. This is an annual course for IT students on C # and the frontend taught by Contour’s developers. On average, about 40 people are enrolled in a C # course, and about 20 are enrolled in a frontend course (we are conducting this course for the first time).

The advantage of the courses is that we teach industrial engineering students – something that is not yet taught in universities.

Both courses are aimed at 3-4 year students. The test can be handled by someone who already knows how to program and wants to do it better. Another set for Spur C # and Spur Frontend will open in the fall.

Hall and homemade studio

The Kontur has its own conference room that can accommodate up to 400 people. At normal times, conferences, hackathons, team events are held in the hall. For example, techno-visa for excellent students of the course on the basics of programming in C #, meetap UralJS or Design Update

For the time of the pandemic and massive online, we built a studio for broadcasting events. In the studio, slightly rearranging it, we, for example, recorded 30 clips with analysis of tasks Advent of Code.

In the conference room - broadcast of the discussion
In the conference room – broadcast of the discussion

For smaller-scale filming: webinars, commercials, we use Etherka – a studio with a chroma key, equipment and light. For example, from broadcast in the midst of a pandemic, we broadcast techno-vis


Until 2018, designers, testers and programmers had their own libraries with professional literature. Over time, the library got its own room in the office and books living in different offices began to live in one. The library is supported by librarians who keep order, take inventory and order new books.

Books can and should be taken through a bot in a telegram.

Librarians are contourists who are interested in doing such a side project 🙂

A book for professional development in the library can be selected by analysts, usabilityists, designers, marketers, editors, testers, programmers and managers.

coffee house

Kontur now has two offices on the Broad River, and both have coffee shops. Both were invented and made by the contourist Seryozha Kazakov. People come to the coffee shop to relax and work. There is a massive coffee recharge in the morning, and working conversations in the afternoon and evening.

Musical pause

The music room in the office appeared in response to a request from the music groups of Contour. Here, the guys rehearse or practice for themselves, so that later they can speak at the afterparty of conferences, summer holidays.

And here, for example, a cover of one of the most popular bands in the Kontur Pillow fighters

Open spaces and meeting rooms

In addition to books, music and coffee, the office, of course, employs:

Andrey Pushin - organizer of Design update
Andrey Pushin – organizer of Design update

After a year of remote work, the designers of Kontur.Extern decided to rethink the office space. In the new building, they have not an ordinary open space, but a coworking space:

If not working in a coworking space or open space, there is a room of silence:

And in open spaces, the contour employees customize their workplaces for themselves:

Tell us about your purchases

Until recently, the office lacked its own store with snacks and essential goods. Such in the new building was made by Konturovites Seryozha Soloviev and Dima Khomutinin. They are full-time executives at Kontur, while running this startup in parallel.

The Svobodnaya Kassa shop runs on Kontur’s services: at the self-service checkout, Konturovskoye software, checks leave through Konturovskiy OFD. Reporting, accounting, EDM – also through the services of the Contour. This is how the guys test their own services in battle.

And behind the curtains in the store, there is a column Alice, which some Konturovites sometimes ask to turn on, for example, MakSim, Monetochka or Abba.

We are glad to have guests and are happy to lead excursions for guys from other IT companies, so that while we walk the floors, we can insidiously exchange experiences and discuss topical issues. If you are (or are) in Yekaterinburg, let me know, for example, in the comments, and we will agree on a promenade;)

Well, summing up the topic with IT in the Urals, we leave a link to our large-scale project Kontur-Park – IT-cluster on Shirokaya Rechka… Everything is very ambitious: comfortable offices, a kindergarten, an educational center, a climbing wall (!), A park, playgrounds, that’s all. So it goes.

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