What is D&D at Foundry VTT?

I want to tell you what all my posts have been and will be about.

Let’s start from the beginning:
DnD (D&D or Dungeons and Dragons) is a classic tabletop role-playing game in which one player plays the role of the lead storyteller, and the rest play the roles.

The host, or Game Master in our group of friends, is me. I prepare games and host them for my friends. The task of the players is to have fun, acting out the roles of their characters.

In the classic full-time version of the game, they go something like this:

The players gather, the master hides behind a screen and begins his story, immersing the players in the fantasy world with the help of atmospheric descriptions, music and various (within the limits of possibilities and fantasy) special effects.

This is how the table at which the Game Master sits looks like. The partition that separates the master from the players is called a screen. Various tips, reminders hang on it, and behind it are miniatures and various materials on the game.

On the table, the players have cards, dice, character sheets with a brief description of the heroes and all sorts of little things.

You can play a campaign (this is a long story that you will play in several parts), or you can play a one-shot (this is a story that you go through, as a rule, in one game session).

So we played, gathering on Sundays, played and fate divided us. I had to find a way out. It turned out that there are many different services with which you can play online. The choice fell on Foundry VTT (if you are wondering why Foundry and what else is there, please let me know in the comments, I will tell you in more detail in a separate post).

Foundry VTT is a virtual gaming table that allows you to comfortably play D&D with your friends. We play, in parallel calling up in Discord. Everything is like in life: you can walk around the map, fight, and from the strong differences is that in Foundry life becomes much easier. Spell hints pop up, damage is automatically calculated, and more.
There are also many advantages in comparison with the face-to-face game. For example, now players are not able to see the entire map. To find out what is around the corner, you need to go around this corner, because in Foundry, the game master can place walls on the maps. Automatic music playback both on the whole map and in its separate parts, animated lighting, portals (which can be connected by installing various modules). All this makes the game more interesting, because everything is perceived in a completely different way, the immersion is greater, the emotions are brighter.

So I began to make various one-shots and campaigns for Foundry VTT, at first only for myself, and now I bring it to the masses. To see how it all looks and what I use when creating games, you can see in my previous posts and on my busti. There I post not only games, but also auxiliary materials that I use when creating my worlds (music, tokens, maps, various services, etc.)

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments 🙂

I also want to please you with the news, very soon a new one-shot will be released in two variations (for characters of levels 2-3 and for characters of 5-6), as well as my first campaign, which took a couple of months to create!

Campaign for Foundry VTT “Waterdeep” or “Deep Water” is my pride, so I show off a few statistics:


Oneshot “Gnomeregan” in the WoW universe

Oneshot “Induced Transversion”

Oneshot “7 Trials of Gilbert”

– If you want to contact me, then you can find me in the telegram @omar0275

– A lot of both free and paid materials you can find on my bootsy 🙂

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