what experts say about trends in the IT HR market

here the speakers argued: someone had old data from the event and there was 28%, someone had more recent data, already 56%. — Approx. ed. < Career, its user base, then there are also backend developers in the first place. <. This is such a mistake of a survivor: you already have a certain community, it is specific.< behind the audience. One way or another, there is data from Habr Career, there is data from simple surveys from mailing lists to university databases. And everywhere there are more of these back-end developers than others, I don’t remember at all in a few years that I had someone somewhere more than them. It's not a trend, it just happens that way. And their salaries are currently the highest among all specialists, not counting top management. We plan to do the third annual study of the criteria that are most important for a person when choosing a job. There is indeed a differentiation in terms of salary levels and qualifications. But here is what I would like to say. We had our first survey in 2020, we conducted it closer to the beginning of the year, and then stability was not included in the list of significant criteria at all. And in 2021, in the survey at about the same time of the year, stability simply burst in and took 16th place out of 42 criteria, that is, it abruptly moved from insignificant criteria to significant ones. Employer with stability, people consider the best in comparison with others. < Careers, HeadHunter, and even some Rabota.ru, see which areas feel fine in this situation, and if you want to get a job somewhere or if you lost your job, then try to go there.

Dmitry Chebanov: I’ll say it like in The Wizard of Oz: listen to your heart. Now the situation is like in the 1990s, only with the IT market – there is a rework, redistribution, and you think carefully about what you want to do in life. This advice is universal. There are employers, and you can and should look for a job. The conversation will be tough, the interviews will be difficult, you will not be welcomed with open arms even if you are cool, but IT continues to be one of the best social elevators in our country. Therefore, I encourage as many people as possible to work here. Dare!

Artyom Zyza: And I’ll say that to see which area is on the rise now and go there is the right advice from Victoria, but it only happens sometimes that the area seems to be on the rise, and your knowledge allows you to work there, but somehow it’s not right . So I would advise, while there is a hype, it is better to try to find a place where it will be more interesting for you. Or a place where there is a person whose work you like.

Victoria Kabakova: And finally, I address all parents: guys, teach your children something fundamental – mathematics, biology, chemistry. If now I don’t invest in education for the child, then I don’t even know what else to invest in.

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