what else did I find at a Spanish flea market?

First, let’s talk about what these flea markets look like (the video shows a flea market near Granada).

What did I get?

Yes, a lot of things, and various kinds of “meters” were especially common – multimeters, voltmeters and a couple of very vintage devices that also measured something.

Let’s start, perhaps, with ordinary multimeters. One of them is more advanced, the second – less. I already have two multimeters, so I didn’t buy them, but the seller was ready to sell the larger one for only 5 euros.


A little further away lay an analog device, and a very advanced one at that. Model – Multitester ST -305TR. On the local Avito analogue I saw that it was being sold for 30 euros. At the flea market you could buy it for the same 5 euros. But I didn’t buy this one either.


Then I came across this device, probably from the time of Franco.


Well, there’s another one nearby, and it’s clearly of Soviet origin, since it’s called Zenit. What it is and what it is for can only be guessed at, so the “What is this thing” section can probably be opened right here.


I also came across a miniature TV on the way – black and white, as far as one can tell. I remember seeing very small televisions as a child, they always aroused my admiration.


By the way, somehow there were a lot of spare parts for PCs – both very old and newer. It seems that somewhere they threw away a mountain of such elements, which were picked up by sellers from a flea market. There are probably other components there that might be useful to someone. Moreover, some motherboards come with processors, coolers, and some with RAM.





Among the vintage items, you can still remember several sewing machines, and in very good condition.


A very old Kodak EK160 camera. Last time, by the way, I already came across a similar camera, even two. Let me remind you that this is an analogue of Polaroid cameras, which took instant pictures. Because of the release of similar cameras, Kodak was sued and a few years later the company had to pay a huge fine.


I also noticed this cool phone – apparently an intercom. Not very ancient, since it has buttons, but it looks like rotary phones with ebonite tubes from the middle of the last century.


One of the old means of communication is this walkie-talkie, produced in 1976. Model Poppy FS-802.


After that, more or less new devices began to appear, including telecommunication devices. Here, for example, is a mountain of different phones, some of which are working. There was also a PDA and fast charging from Samsung, the original. These cost not only a lot, but also a lot. You can buy them at a flea market for 3-5 euros.


Here are some older models of Apple tablets – without fingerprinting, but probably still locked. And also old iPhone models.



And there are also a lot of wireless headphones, mini-speakers, and also nearby robot vacuum cleaners. They are no longer sold by Romanians or Arabs, but by quite civilized Spaniards. They may even have a normal store somewhere, and on Sundays they go to a flea market. There are always a lot of people crowding around them, so the product is clearly a hot commodity.


There were also a lot of keyboards, among them quite good models, both gaming and office. There was even one mini that connects via radio, but these usually have lost the adapter (there are also those that connect via Bluetooth, of course).




After the keyboards I saw a couple of monitors. The one that stands further away is in very good condition – the screen is intact, the plastic is not broken anywhere. 24-inch model from Philips. Here are its characteristics: 1920×1080 (FullHD)@75 Hz, VA, LED, 3000:1, 250 cd/m², 178°/178°, HDMI 1.4, VGA (D-Sub), Adaptive-Sync. It costs about 100 euros new, you can buy it at a flea market for 20-30. But, most likely, there is something wrong with it, or some port is broken, or it simply won’t turn on.

I once bought an LG 27MP35 with a broken HDMI port at a flea market for only 5 euros (I was just very lucky here). It still serves me well – it also has a VGA connector, which I used. I also repaired modern gaming monitors. There, as a rule, the five-legged microcircuit responsible for supplying power fails. It simply burns out – I have already met three monitors with approximately the same problem.


Of course, we couldn’t do without gaming things – consoles and accessories for them. For example, I came across two original Nintendo Switch Pro joysticks. I don’t know who threw them out of the boxes and why, but both are working. I bought both for 20 euros, while the cost was about 60 euros for a new one.


We also found two Nintendo DSI consoles. I wanted to buy it, but the seller asked for 20 euros apiece, which is very expensive, given that he doesn’t know whether the device turns on or not. So for that kind of money you don’t need a pig in a poke.


After that, at the end of the flea market, I saw a lot of spare parts for mechanical wall and table clocks, the clocks themselves and even pendulums for them.



Well, I also met a harp, or something similar. To be honest, I’m not particularly knowledgeable about such tools. But in good condition.


Nobody needs a convenient portable iron?


What did I buy?

Most of all – power adapters for laptops. I have already sold/gave away some of the ones I repaired, so the number of chargers has decreased. And I had to buy new ones. But at the flea market they are very cheap – I usually buy them for 3-5 euros when the regular price of a used one somewhere on the Avito analogue is 15 euros.

By the way, I purchased one 10 A (!) unit from Dell for only 3 euros. These usually cost 40-60 euros, since they are designed for powerful gaming devices. But I didn’t take pictures of the adapters, they are all more or less standard, I took pictures of other purchased items.

I talked about one of them two weeks ago – this is Handpresso Anywhere – a portable coffee maker for the car. She can only make espresso and only from capsules. Here they are both in the photo. Two weeks ago, for 10 euros, I bought only the one on the left.


Then I regretted it, because it was both an expensive and convenient device. It can, for example, be given to any person with a car who loves coffee, and this is an excellent gift (of course, not for a birthday, but just because, after all, the thing is not new). I’ll say right away that only water can be poured inside, and a capsule is inserted on top. So there is no nasty stuff inside, and the owner who sold it is quite a civilized Spaniard.

Well, now I saw the same seller and bought a second coffee machine for only 5 euros. I checked it – it also works, there seem to be no problems. I’ll test it again, of course.

As I said above, I bought these two controllers – I have a Nintendo Switch, so the purchase was a good fit.


I also bought a Nintendo DSI Lite for only 5 euros; one of the problems it had was a broken screen mount. But both screens are in excellent condition, the screen itself is working and has a battery. I have an empty case in very good condition, I’ll move it all there.


I also came across one and a half packages of sealed tape drives from HP – they are still in use, despite the small capacity of 24 GB.

I also purchased two electronic books, E-Ink, one of them with a touch screen, the other regular. These books are usually expensive, but for some reason they are sold at flea markets for pennies – perhaps they don’t know what they are? I bought both for 7 euros, with the price of one being 40 euros, used.

What is this thing?

And again a section on guessing different things. This time, as mentioned above, there are somehow especially many of them.

Thing #1. Something from a “smart home”?


Thing #2. Apparently from the same series as the first one.


Thing #3. Two things at once, I don’t know what.


Thing #4. I don’t even have a rough idea of ​​what this could be used for.


Thing #5. Something related to ultraviolet radiation and at the same time a magnetic field.


Thing #6. Something very strange.


That’s all, actually. If you have questions or comments, write both under the post and in a personal message.

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