What does it mean to be a programmer?

Hello, Khabrovites! Last Saturday September 12, IT people around the world celebrated 256 days of the year – Programmer’s Day… We are in OTUS joined the celebration and asked the faculty to share what they thought it meant to be a programmer. Go to the congratulations page here

We asked everyone who visited the site to share their version. Today we publish here a selection of the most interesting answers.

Important: this note is not technical and was written solely to cheer up everyone involved :-).

Being a programmer is …

When you go to bed and a new idea comes to how to optimize the code … – Nikolay

To pull an owl on a globe in the most extreme conditions;) – Yuri Maslov

Work on yourself all the time. – Nasib

Turn coffee and cookies into crutches and bicycles) – Valera

Enjoy the automation of processes. – Alexey Koloskov

So immersed and abstracted from the outside world that sometimes you don’t even want to return to reality. – Sergei

Being a programmer is my lifelong dream! – Andrei

Enjoy solving problems. – Artem

Enjoy the process, endlessly improving the code …- Olga

Integrate yellow with round …— Sergey

It’s like mathematics + English, only longer, more interesting and more difficult. – Rodion

Read the code like a fairy tale and know in advance what result it outputs after execution. – Elena_Fedorenko

This is when you reinstalled the operating system and you are already a programmer.
And if you don’t understand refrigerators, then XD is already a pogromist – Artem

Be in a state of creativity 24/7 – 8 hours of sleep. – Maxim

repeat(); — O.

Know how to quit Vim. – Oleg

Always progress. – Danik

Change the world for the better. – Sergey Kundryukov

Being a programmer is like a magician in the Research Institute “FAQ”, which “[…]they were magicians because they knew a lot, so much that quantity finally passed into quality, and they became with the world in a different relationship than ordinary people. They worked at an institute that dealt primarily with the problems of human happiness and the meaning of human life, but even among them no one knew exactly what happiness was and what exactly was the meaning of life. And they accepted the working hypothesis that happiness is in the continuous knowledge of the unknown and the meaning of life is in the same. ” And, perhaps, you couldn’t say better. Alexander

To be better every day. – Mikhail Isaev

Enjoy creating programs previously unknown to anyone. – Gennady Babkin

Being a programmer is like catching a wild buzz when everything is compiled and used! When you realize that any line of code you write can change tomorrow! – Alexei

Analyze the task, decompose and implement. – Denis

Be a teacher and a student at the same time) – Paul

Be a super hero in the IT world! – Andrei

To make our world a better place. – Nurbolat

Doubt your abilities all the time. – Farrukh

When you fix the program by simply pressing the Debug button for the 5th time. – Dmitro

Not being able to explain to your girlfriend what you were doing before 5 in the morning. – Alexander

Finding fun in code. – Julia

Get high on problem solving. – Anna

Learn to work on yourself, solve problems, create programs and learn everything new and new in the world of programming. – Shakhlo

Be a purposeful lazy person. – Artem

Be a mirror reflecting and reflecting in an infinite number of other mirrors. – Egor

Feel like your brain is the strongest muscle in your body. – Tina

Be a translator between man and machine. – Sergey Andreikin

To be able to make a feature out of a bug …- Edward

I can do any program … and watch a video about cats …- Tatyana

A programmer is not a profession, but a lifestyle. – Bulanov Sergey

Which answer did you like the most? What does it mean to you to be a programmer? We will be glad if you share in the comments.

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