What did the Moscow Electric Lamp Plant (Elektrozavod) look like in 1931

This is a view of the main building of one of the oldest electrovacuum plants in Russia during the 1931 flood. Then the Stalinist USSR put into operation a huge man-made water system of the Lenin-Stalin Canal, and the floods, in which the industrial outskirts of the Capital sank from time to time, ceased.

Now I will give my answer to the question, was it possible to do without repressions, rebuilding all this in the USSR at the pace at which this was done?

Yes, there is a second way, without repressions, but then it was necessary to keep the village in such poverty that hard work at industrial construction sites seemed like a paradise for a peasant recruited from the village. What, in fact, did the imperial Government from the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th.