What databases have Russian companies registered and why? 7 case studies

A database is a set of independent materials collected and systematized in such a way as to be available for processing by electronic computers (computers).

Typically, database ideas are limited to user contact information for setting up advertising and solving other tasks on the network. However, in fact, a selection of beautiful tourist places with a list of characteristics is also a database. The same applies to the list of plants found in a certain area and almost any information if it is a set of independent materials.

Benefits of registering databases

Particularly unique and useful data companies register as full-fledged intellectual property. At the same time, in accordance with Russian law, databases are subject to copyright. Copyright takes effect immediately upon the creation of the work. However, databases (together with computer programs) are one of the rare cases when copyright can be registered with Rospatent.

It is quite difficult to protect a database or a computer program without full registration. First of all, this is due to the peculiarities of proving authorship. The author of a literary work or painting can show handwritten drafts and sketches, but it is much more difficult to find confirmation of authorship on the database.

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The diagram shows the dynamics of applications for registration of databases and the issuance of corresponding certificates according to Rospatent. Every year more and more legal entities and individuals carry out such registrations. This gives them the following benefits:

  1. The applicant receives a certificate of the exclusive right to the database, and information about this is entered in the State Register. Both greatly increase the copy protection of the work.

  2. Reducing the likelihood of disputes over the ownership of rights, including with employees. If the creation of the database was a work task, and the employer is the applicant for registration, then the rights belong to him. In general, a creator is a person organized information gathering work.

  3. Ease of commercialization. The certificate allows you to distribute the possibility of using the database under a license agreement. Such an agreement not only allows you to make a profit, but also officially fix the restrictions on the use and dissemination of data. According to Rospatent report, in 2021, 524 cases of transfer of rights to a database or computer program were registered (18% more than in 2020).

  4. Obtaining a certificate allows you to reflect the database in the balance sheet, including it in intangible assets. This increases the capital and investment attractiveness of the business.

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The diagram shows how small a share of a company’s intangible assets can be such “classic” objects of law as patents and trademarks. By VTB financial statements for 2021 they account for only 1.9 million rubles, while software accounts for more than 19 billion rubles, and “other” – more than 48 billion rubles.

So, registering a database allows you to get rid of long legal proceedings regarding authorship, attract additional income through the sale or partial transfer of rights, and also reflect property as an intangible asset on the balance sheet.

7 case studies

As already mentioned, databases involve more than just customer contact information and preferences for setting up ads. This is a complete result of research in almost any field, useful for production or further research activities. Here are examples of database registrations from leading representatives of a wide variety of industries.


Certificate No. 2014620734 registered in 2014. Yandex has created a database in its usual sense – it is a directory of organizations with a description of activities, addresses, contact details and working hours. The amount of information is rather impressive.

Enterprises from 5 countries are represented – Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. In structuring the organization, a three-level rubricator was used. A total of 10 GB of data has been collected.


Lukoil is an oil company. In her database with certificate no. 2016620072 collected deposits of heavy oils and natural bitumen, potentially suitable as raw materials for the production of metals.

The original copyright holder is not Lukoil, but OOO MIPT Engineering Center for Hard-to-Recover Minerals. This base is just an example of the transfer of the results of intellectual work under an alienation agreement.

The amount of information collected is only 27 Kb, but they contain data on 130 deposits within Russia. Only those deposits that met the four selection criteria were included in the database.


Severstal is also engaged in the extraction of raw materials, albeit mainly ore. However, database no. 2017620808 does not contain production sites, but the “Product Quality Volatility Index (QVI)”.

That is, the company has issued as a database the criteria for assessing the quality used in the enterprise. Severstal now owns a set of factors to track the quality of production and the dynamics of risks:

  • equipment condition;

  • technology compliance;

  • staff readiness;

  • the quality of the input material.

The corporation indicated that the generated index is used to find the optimal points for the application of efforts and prevent possible problems at the inception stage.


When registering your database No. 2018621802 Sber also indicated the original goal – not only the storage of information, but also its exchange between employees. The system weighing 640 terabytes (more than 655 thousand GB) contains data on clients, transactions, all information assets, calculation rules and other useful information.

Such a database is a full-fledged component of the bank’s internal ecosystem and the information basis for almost all processes carried out in it.


Pretty fresh database no. 2022621369 with a registration date of June 2022 contains data on diamonds and tests carried out in relation to them. The amount of information is only 200 MB, but it contains almost all the information about almost every diamond. 5 parameters are used for the stones themselves and more than 20 parameters for the attributes of samples.


Energy Corporation in 2016 registered the database No. 2016621162, which contains all the assets and funds under management. Less than a megabyte of information contains direct data from the TPP, a list of calculated equipment targets, and various converted data.

Thus, the database has become a complete tool for analyzing equipment on all assets owned by the company, calculating the cost of replacing this equipment and determining if it is necessary.


An example of how a database is registered as new intellectual property to account for existing intellectual property. The list of information belongs not only to Transneft itself, but also to the Transneft Research Institute.

Above the creation of the database No. 2017620533 8 authors worked and now the company has a complete list of all protectable objects of intellectual property rights. The result is used not only to inform users, but also to simplify activities in relation to the creation of new IP objects.


So, databases are used in the activities of corporations in various industries. It is often a handy tool for improving the efficiency of a company’s internal operations. There are cases when a production evaluation system or an index is registered as a database.

Obtaining an official certificate allows the applicant to confirm the exclusive right to the development, subsequently partially or completely transfer it to other persons, and also reflect it in the accounting of the organization.

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