What clients need

Wrote. Let’s say, I took my soul away, and thought. I thought about the fact that I had never seen an article here “we are clients, and this is what we want from you (financiers, developers, service creators, etc.)”.

I very rarely run from service to service. I really need to get me to run away. And getting in general is of the same type: something that I already buy, for a long time, has deteriorated.

I’m under 50 now. I’m a woman. If I understand anything in life, there are a lot of such people in the Russian Federation. Largest clientele. I strongly suspect that my entire stratum is somewhat similar.

In these articles about “how we added chips to our service,” I see between the lines the client model “a young man in a casino. He wants a lot and quickly, gain, not lose, and with a whistle-ringing.” A woman in her 50s wants something completely different: she wants reliability and ease of use. So that the next service would not work like a clock, but easier – like a frying pan. To, on occasion, peacefully fry scrambled eggs, without much looking. Life in adulthood is a lot of scrambled eggs, quietly, day after day.

Only against the background of reliable scrambled eggs can

  • enter IT

  • develop in IT

  • grow from junior to middle and further down the list.

This is an enumeration – so that you understand, I’m not talking about a grandmother on a mound. On the bench at home. No. I’m talking about, in particular, women in IT. For example, I need the reliability of a frying pan from hosting, a bank, e-accounting (and some others). I’m not talking about the stupidity of services, I’m talking about the transparency of their list. And about its adjustability by me personally, everyday, on a calm head.

If your service calls me on the phone “we have prepared a service for you here – wow! And what a waste!” – You’re wasting money. Yours. And my time. At the same time, I can love you dearly, but I won’t buy a canoe. Well, I don’t need ribbons from the casino, flashing lights.

I sometimes buy new services for myself. At first I read about them for a long time. The perceived need must come first. These purchases were never (virtually) associated with external advertising.

And sometimes it occurs to me that something would be useful to me that is not there yet. And I write, and I ask “how about doing such and such.” For example, I recently asked in Yandex: can they make an attachment on the topic of snow removal. Since we have harvesters in centralized paws, we can at least attach them in the public domain so that people can mark where they scratched enough, where, on the contrary, there are snowdrifts. Yandex answered: they asked “who will pay for it” … This is a reasonable question. I think that the government of the same St. Petersburg, you never know, would have found money. Purely at the level of the city. I may be mistaken, but the path from Yandex.taxi to such an application is perhaps quite close. Peter has such amounts.

I summarize.

There are TA “boys in the casino to make fast and fun.” There is a target audience, on the contrary, “women in their forties use a frying pan.”

Is your product as reliable as a frying pan?

PS: I was once deeply impressed by Steve Krug’s books: Don’t Make Me Think. I read them as a developer first. Now I understand – it dawned on me when writing this article – it was thanks to his books that I … became impudent as a client. Earlier (a hundred years ago) it seemed to me that the bank knows better what to offer me. And services know better how to position their buttons.

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