What career opportunities are important for developers

I send a huge hello to Rambler, Xsolla and other companies whose affairs have ruined their reputation for a long time …

However, working developers are divided over whether they believe their company’s reputation is an accurate reflection of what it’s like to work for it.

The strength of the tech stack

Aside from getting another offer (36%), the top reason developers didn’t interview is because they didn’t like the tech stack (32%). Given that most developers are looking for learning opportunities, this is understandable. Other top reasons include a disorganized interview process (24%), weird interview questions (24%), bad reviews about an employer (24%), and not being able to find enough information about what it’s like to work for a company (22%).

How to make sure your stack isn’t something that repels candidates? During annual survey over 83,000 developers, we found out which languages ​​and technologies are most popular with developers and what do they do the most want to work… The most popular languages ​​and frameworks are flexible. For example, Rust has been the most loved language for the sixth year in a row, and Python has been the most desired language for the fifth year in a row – both languages ​​are loved by the public due to their diverse developer-friendly applications. Newbie Svelte was the most loved framework in its first year on the list, while React is the most desired, with one in four developers preferring it.

Looking to the future

Whether it’s workplace politics or the technology stack, developers crave flexibility and the opportunity to learn new things. And if they don’t find it in their current role, they will likely look elsewhere. With so many tech jobs currently open and 20% of developers actively looking for new jobs, we don’t expect the talent war to die down anytime soon. And we expect other technical professions to follow suit.

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