What a geek can find at a Spanish flea market: today’s results

Artifacts of past years at a flea market are in the order of things

A couple of weeks ago, our blog published an article “Flea markets in Spain: what are they selling here and what can you buy?” It lists the most interesting, in the opinion of the author, gadgets that have been found, bought and restored over the past few months. But in the comments we were reprimanded several times that it was more interesting to report live, and not just a listing.

Okay, right. This morning I walked around the flea market, taking a series of photos of what they sell there – not everything in a row, of course, but only goods that might be of interest to a geek. In addition, I will tell you about what I managed to get today. The catch is small but interesting.

The flea market in my city is a legal event controlled by Ayuntamiento, an analogue of the city executive committee. Sellers pay for a seat (about 10 euros, as far as I know), they are given new paper bags with the flea market logo. The bags are strictly made of recycled paper, in which sellers put their customers’ purchases.

It all starts with disinfection – there is a tent at the entrance, and everyone who enters is given a portion of antivirus gel. They are not allowed to enter the flea market without masks, but here no one is eager to go somewhere without a mask: a fine of 600 euros or more frightens any Spaniard.

After the “sanitary” tent, the ranks of the flea market begin. A pig with a toy guitar and smart books meets me at the entrance.

From time to time I buy toys and books here, but the piglet and this is all that is next to it, I am not particularly interested. Sorry piglet.

By the way, this flea market is positioned as “a place where you can buy antiques.” And this is so, there are plenty of restored gramophones, dishes, old furniture of varying degrees of nasty. But there are also a lot of equipment – very different and in very different conditions. Here is a typical set of a flea market seller: a stereo system, alarm clocks, buzzer speakers, a Sanyo cassette player, and socks. Ok, let’s move on.

Almost new games for NintendoDS – I’ve never heard of the first one, the second – is known to everyone. The cost is only 3 euros per game, if you bargain, you can reduce the price to two euros.

Electric scooter without charger. It may or may not work. Once I bought an electric scooter for my daughter for 15 euros – it turned out to be in perfect condition, unpacked, but not used. My daughter still skates, she is terribly happy.

As for the scooter – model Denver SCO-65220, it costs 182 euros new, here link to Spanish Amazon… The price of the scooter in its current condition is 18 euros. It may well turn out to be a worker, but I don’t need him, so I walk past.

There is a sea of ​​typewriters, from antique to newest. Model – PHILIPS VW 2110 HANDY WRITER. The cost on eBay is 45 euros. At the flea market you can buy for ten. Its performance is in question. By the way, if the seller says that the device works, then in 90% it is true. If the answer is “I don’t know,” “no charging,” “didn’t turn it on,” then this is 50/50. But at a flea market, no one expects to find a perfectly working device for a penny. But sometimes it does happen.

Once I bought a 25-inch monitor without a single scratch with two HDMI ports, audio jacks and other chips for only 5 euros. Precisely because there was no charging and the seller was too lazy to find and check. The display turned out to be working, I chased it with PS4 for six months, and then sold it for 70 euros through the local analogue Avito. But I got distracted, let’s move on.

Here’s another typical set – shoes, a vest for a child for swimming, armbands, old phones and watches, “crocodiles” for charging a car battery, and so on. Nothing particularly interested me here, so let’s move on to the next seller.

HP L1940T monitor and multiple keyboards. All this can be bought for 10-15 euros, but it will not be useful on the farm – the monitor is too old (although this is suitable for many companies), a good keyboard is also available.

Have you started a renovation? It’s time to get a drill or screwdriver. I bought a couple of times – once a drill, once – a screwdriver, everything is in working order. There are Bosch and other expensive brands, you can buy for a penny. The drill was priced at 5 euros, the screwdriver at 10. At the time of the photographing, there was already a conversation between the buyer and the seller behind my back, so almost everything in the photo was bought.

Lots of old phones, a bunch of tablets from China and other junk. Some turn on, others don’t. In any case, there is plenty to choose from, if, of course, you need it.

Collapse in general with everything, from a New Year’s garland to a battery charger. There are old boards, possibly working ones, there are a lot of chargers and cables. Remotes, router, garden hose attachment are also available. Often in such heaps of junk I met very interesting devices. This time, nothing interested, so let’s move on.

Grundig varioprop T14 control panel. I looked at eBay – such things also cost from 40 euros in non-working condition. What exactly this one serves for – I do not know for sure, but such things come across not so and rarely.

I haven’t seen such irons for a very long time. Not exactly IT, of course, but it is very unusual that the seller has a whole bunch of them, moreover, in very good condition. In general, if the current iron fails, I know where to buy an inexpensive alternative.

Three PS One with controllers, plus disks for PS3 and PSP, plus walkie-talkies. Well, if need be, there is a book on learning French, why not. The set-top boxes are priced by the seller at 5-15 euros. The one closer to the bottom edge seems to be in working order. In any case, the seller assured him of this.

Turntable of vinyl discs. Looks pretty good, there is even a record. Whether it works or not, the seller does not know. Price – 30 euros.

The Sony KDL-50W656A TV is a smart TV with access to the Sony Entertainment Network. A boo TV of this type costs about 150 euros if you buy it at the local Avito. This TV has a whole screen, good general condition. The only problem, according to the seller, is that there is no picture – there is sound, and the screen is black.

I know what’s the matter – one of the LEDs has burned out (95% probability). I have already repaired three TVs with similar problems. For this TV, the seller wanted 80 euros, but it was definitely possible to knock down to 40-50 euros. I wanted to buy it already, but then I remembered an office full of electronics, and decided that my wife would kick him out of the house along with the telecom.

The most interesting table for me. There is a PSP 3000, a couple of discs for it, plus a Game Boy Advance SP with cartridges. I bought the PSP – for only 5 euros, thanks to the fact that the seller did not know whether it was working or not. It turned out to be working, its problem is an inoperative battery. It did not work to “push” it, I did not want to charge. I replaced it with the one that was in stock, put the cover for the battery – perfect, I have a PSP in my hands in excellent condition.

Well, now – about today’s catch

I got only three things, but exactly what I needed, although I got caught by accident.

Injoo 1080 FHD camera – purchased for only 3 euros, new condition. All surfaces are sealed with factory film. Brought home, plugged in, no reaction.

I removed the front panel, it turned out that the power line and data line were torn off from the connector. The USB cable ran freely in the case, so it came off, apparently, almost immediately. About 15 minutes with a soldering iron and a silicone gun – the result is in the photo. Everything is working. There is such a camera on Amazon, a new one costs 45 euros.

PSP 3000 with memory card and disc with El Patito feo game. I wrote a little about the console above. It originally had an inoperative battery and lacked a cover for the battery compartment. The battery has been replaced (there is anything in the bins), the cover has also been found – a disassembled PSP 3000 with an inoperative processor has been lying around for four years, finally, it came in handy.

A universal charger and a whole bunch of adapters for it. Such chargers are regularly found at the flea market – I specifically bought this for 2 euros (a worker, it seems that they have not yet been used). Where they are taken from when they are new and why they are sold for a penny – I don’t know. The cost of the same in the store starts at 20 euros, and this is with 5 standard adapters. There is also a whole bunch of adapters for almost all laptop models.

In general, I already have a whole warehouse of various devices from the flea market in my office. I wrote about some in the last post, but most of it remains behind the scenes. Soon I am going to release a review of the communicator from HP, so do not switch.

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