Welcome to Samsung AI Forum 2020

Samsung AI Forum will be held for the fourth time, but online for the first time. The broadcasts will be on Samsung official YouTube channel November 2 and 3, registration is required to participate Forum website… Despite the fact that it will be a deep night in Moscow at this time, we highly recommend trying to join the stream. After all, the world’s coolest researchers in the field of artificial intelligence will perform this year: Yoshua Benjio, Jan LeCun, Christopher Manning and others. For those who cannot, the recording will be available.

The forum will feature the world’s coolest AI scientists such as Yang LeCun and Yoshua Benjio (pictured), who received the Turing Prize for their discovery of deep neural networks.

Day One (November 2): Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Real World Change

The first part of the Samsung AI Forum is held by SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung Institute for Advanced Technologies). After the reports, the speakers will take part in a panel discussion.

Presentation topics and speakers:

  • “Towards Discovering Causal Representations” – Prof. Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal Professor, 2018 Turing Prize Winner (along with Ian LeCune and Jeffrey Hinton, considered Nobel counterpart in computer science), Founder and Director of Science at Mila (AI Institute in Quebec), Director of Science at IVADO, co-founder of the ICLR conference and committee member of several leading conferences in the field of AI.
  • “Energy Minimization Models in a Self-Learning Problem” – Prof. Yann LeCun, Silver Professor of Data Science, Computer Science, Neuroscience and Electrical Engineering at NYU, Vice President and Chief AI Expert at Facebook, Award Winner Turing 2018 (with Yoshua Benjio and Jeffrey Hinton), Member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Founding Father of Convolutional Networks, co-creator of DjVU image compression technology
  • “Meta-Learning: From Rapid Adaptation to Symmetry Discovery” – Prof. Chelsea Finn, Stanford University Professor, Expert in Reinforcement Learning
  • “Brain Reconstruction” – Prof. Donhee Ham, Professor at Harvard University, Researcher, Samsung Institute for Advanced Technologies, expert in bio- and neurotechnology
  • “Interpretability in the Machine Learning Life Cycle” – Dr. Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Senior Research Fellow at Microsoft Research (currently leading projects related to objectivity and interpretability of AI systems), committee member of several leading conferences and seminars
  • End-to-End Speech Recognition Models – Dr. Tara Sainath, Natural Language Processing Expert at Google Research

Also on the first day of the Forum, the winner of the “Researcher of the Year” award in the field of artificial intelligence will be announced.

Day Two (November 3): Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

The second part of the forum is being organized by Samsung Research, a division of the corporation responsible for science and development of future technologies. Samsung Research CEO Sebastian Son, professor at the Institute of Neuroscience and the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, will introduce the speakers of the second day, as well as chair the panel discussion that will follow.

Presentation topics and speakers:

  • Natural Language Comprehension and Conversational Artificial Intelligence – Prof. Christopher Manning, Professor, Director of the AI ​​Lab and Co-Director of the Center for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, a leader in applying deep machine learning to natural language processing , member of ACM, AAAI and ACL, author of several books on statistical natural language processing and information extraction, working with Samsung on dialogue and Q&A modeling
  • “Multimodal and Creative Artificial Intelligence Systems” – Prof. Devi Parikh, Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Researcher at Facebook AI Research
  • “Synthesizing Interpretable Behavior for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Systems” – Prof. Subbarao Kambhampati, Professor of Computer Science at Arizona State University, AAAI Member
  • Artificial Intelligence for Robots and Humans – Prof. Daniel D. Lee, Professor at Cornell Institute of Technology, Executive Vice President of Samsung Research and Head of the Samsung AI Center in New York

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