Welcome to Ozon Tech Community Backend Meetup

Hi all!

My name is Mikhail Kabishchev, I am the head of the “Basic Services” (Platform) direction.

At our meetups, we constantly go deep, talk about technologies and the intricacies of working with them in our products. This time around, things will be a little different. Let’s go up a couple of levels and show how the backend works in general in our key areas.

Go, C#, Java, Python – we’ll talk about each language and explain why we chose them.

The leaders of the directions will introduce the directions of the platform, marketplace, logistics and search, recommendations, advertising.

After the presentations, we will have a Q&A session with the CTO and the IT HR director.

We look forward to seeing you all at the open Ozon Tech Backend Meetup May 25 at 18:00 in Novosibirsk (14:00 Moscow time). Let’s not forget about online guests.

In a programme:

Mikhail Kabishchev

Head of “Basic Services” direction (Platform)

Presenting the structure of Ozon Tech. I will tell you what the platform is, why it is needed and what areas it includes.

Sergei Alekhin

Head of Purchase Path and Travel Department (Marketplace)

He will talk about the specifics of developing a marketplace.

Boris Kuzovatkin

Head of development direction “Central logistics systems” (Logistics)

He will tell you what path the parcel goes through before falling into the hands of the buyer, what key technologies and projects are in logistics.

Van Khachatryan

Head of Product Advertising Department (Search, recommendations, advertising)

Immerse yourself in departmental features, stack and internal processes.

Anton Stepanenko


Asya Kuchay

IT HR Director

Q&A session, where we will answer your questions, leave them when registering.

We meet in the Rachmaninov conference hall at the Grand Autograph Hotel, 31 Ordzhonikidze Street. We start gathering at 17:30.

To participate in the event offline, register at link and wait for confirmation email. And if you want to join online, then on the day of the event you will receive a link to the broadcast. The broadcast will be on our YouTube channel and in community in VK.

Please note that the number of seats in the hall is limited.

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