Webinar “Rapid prototyping of automatic control systems”

Exhibitor Engineering Technology and Modeling Center invites you to free webinarRapid prototyping of automatic control systems“that will pass 19 November 2020 in 11:00 online.

During the webinar, you will learn how to quickly and efficiently move from virtual simulation in MATLAB Simulink to testing your algorithms and models of control objects in real time, which can significantly speed up development and reduce its cost by reducing the number of field tests. The webinar is primarily dedicated to an overview of Simulink Real-Time technology, a hardware and software solution that combines Simulink with high-performance real-time machines and I / O cards. This approach allows you to find design bugs early on, develop ideas, and continually test your system.

During the webinar, the following questions will be raised:

  • What is Real Time Testing?
  • What are the advantages of rapid prototyping of algorithms and models of control objects?
  • Running Simulink Models in Real Time on Machines from Speedgoat
  • Autonomous operation of Simulink models on real-time machines

Simulink Real-Time Features:

  • Multitasking model execution on multiple cores
  • Runtime profiling
  • Signal monitoring and parameter setting
  • Support for running algorithms on FPGAs
  • Data recording
  • Work with various I / O cards
  • Support for various protocols

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