We shove wi-fi where it is not provided

Good day to all!
I have a Keyocera 1135-MFP MFP, a good model and generally love this manufacturer, but she doesn’t have Wi-Fi, for me it’s a serious minus for an MFP.

I caught sight of mikrotit RB931-2nD https://mikrotik.com/product/RB931-2nD… Which is powered by USB
It was in the evening and I got to work)
This device, like many others, is equipped with a USB port, and the little RB931-2nD is powered by it (5v). Unfortunately, I did not immediately take pictures of the process, the first photo was when I already found a USB-cord in the bowels of Kiyosera.

At first I wanted to attach it to the compartment for the memory expansion module of the device, but during disassembly I noticed a compartment with a module for working with analog communication. I was attracted by it due to the external pins RJ-25 and RJ-14 (if I’m not mistaken) and the huge space inside when removing this module.

Having checked the operability of the device without this module, I began to attach mikrotik there.

This is a photo when I already found where the USB cord is inside the printer, and from which connector it comes out. I’m testing.

This is how the module responsible for the fax phone looks like:

I had to play around with him)

Donated 100Mbps PoE Injector

There was even a place inside to cut in a USB hub there and not lose the functionality of printing from flash drives.

This is of course more pampering, BUT which other printer implements BGP and MPLS))))

Thank you for the attention! I hope I amused you and it will be useful for someone to expand the functionality of old pieces of iron!

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