We invite you to the Live Webinar – GitLab Auto DevOps – 8.April 2021, 15: 00-16: 00 MCK

We invite you to our webinar on GitLab Auto DevOps: the magic of self-adjusting pipelines.

Vladimir Dzalbo, Solution Architect at GitLab, will talk about how GitLab Auto DevOps simplifies the process of describing CI / CD processes; helps with the study and use of all the features of GitLab as a single platform for software development:

  • build and test
  • search for vulnerabilities
  • creating releases
  • rolling out applications to real environments

In addition, we will talk about why Auto DevOps, due to its flexibility, is an adult tool ready for use in real projects.

Alexey Ionin, Softmart, will review the types of various GitLab subscriptions currently in force, and will dwell in more detail on some of the functional features of the Premium edition that are most in demand in our market. The most pressing licensing issues that customers constantly have will be discussed.

When: April 8, 15:00 -16: 00 (MSK)
Where: Zoom Webinar

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