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20 October 2020 year DINS will host an online conference for QA engineers and developers. We want to unite engineers from different cities of Russia in order to discuss together “pains”, interesting cases, problems, favorite (and not so much) technologies. Artem Eroshenko will be the host of the conference and the moderator of the round table.

Participation is free, but you need to register

Under the cut – the program, speakers and other details about the conference.


Top 10 bad advice and what they can lead to (Irina Ushakova, EPAM, Nizhny Novgorod)

Let’s look at some examples of how controversial advice can sound at good testing conferences. During her speech, Irina will share exactly how to do it, and why.

Irina Ushakova – Senior QA Engineer at EPAM. In the IT field for over 8 years. She started as an analyst and retrained as a QA engineer. She performed at QA Z-Days 2020.

Automation of testing the Yandex.Money mobile application (Alexander Natashkin, Yandex.Money, St. Petersburg)

Alexander will share a Yandex.Money case study on automating testing of a mobile application. He will tell you which approaches and tools worked and which did not work, and how technical needs changed as the team grew.
Let’s talk about autotests, framework development and CI setup, see metrics before / after automation implementation.

Alexander Natashkin – Head of Mobile Testing, Yandex.Money. For 7 years in QA, he has gone from a manual tester to a manager. Teaches at the Otus training center.

Catching bugs in the code and workflow (Elena Gurova, Usetech, Rostov-on-Don)

Let’s look at real examples and analyze the bugs straight from our bug tracker, as well as working chats and meetings.

The stars of the show will be:

  • Let’s release on Friday afternoon?
  • How did this get into production ?!
  • You already fixed it, why is it broken again?

And other life stories and ways to solve them.
During the presentation, listeners will refresh the theory and will be able to take part in the analysis of real cases.

Elena Gurova – Team Lead QA at Usetech. Elena got into testing by accident, in fact, running away from the support, but it turned out that this area is the most dear and beloved. Teaches at the company’s corporate university, lectures at GeekBrains and speaks at specialized events (#RndTech).

Release quality is the responsibility of the team (Lyudmila Maleeva, Miro, Perm)

Lyudmila will talk about the testing and release processes in Miro: how they are interconnected and how the company improves the quality of releases. You will learn with what tools to build processes in order to release with a large number of teams and a mono-repository.

Lyudmila Maleeva – QA engineer at Miro. She worked with autotests, manual and load testing, process building and releases. For the last year he has been playing the role of Release Manager. She performed at local meetups of Xsolla and SKB Kontur.

Roundtable with the QA Meeting Point Programming Committee

DINS engineers will discuss one of these topics:

  • Truth or myth: a good QA engineer will not stay in the profession, but will become a developer
  • Don’t do this: deployment to production on Fridays and testing for production
  • Is it worth breaking production to test high availability and security

Take part in choosing a topic in Telegram-channel of the conference from October 9 to October 14.


Participation in the conference is free, but required pre-registrationso that on the day of the event, we send a link to the online broadcast.

All participants will be the first to receive recordings of reports from the QA Meeting Point.

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