We invite you to DINS JavaScript EVENING: we talk about API design and solve problems using algebraic data types

We will be glad to see front-end developers at the first open DINS JavaScript EVENING of this year, which will be held January 29 in our office on Staro-Peterhof, 19.

This evening, Dmitry Zlygin from DINS will talk about the criteria for “good” API and share how to make your interfaces convenient. Anton Sutramin from Devexperts introduces us to algebraic data types and shows by examples how they help solve problems.

Under the cut – more about reports and speakers, a link to register to participate in the meeting, broadcast information, materials from the last meeting.



API design for front-end (Dmitry Zlygin, DINS)

Every day we use different programming interfaces – browser, various libraries like Lodash or Axios, frameworks – React, Angular, Jest and many others. And we ourselves create new APIs for our components, functions, classes. Sometimes it turns out well, sometimes not very. Let’s talk about how a good API differs from a “bad” one, and of course, we will determine the criteria for “good”. How to make your interfaces convenient and adequate to the task. What to do with those third-party APIs that we cannot influence.
The report will be relevant for Frontend developers and QA-automation engineers from entry level and above. No hardcore.

For more than 5 years Dmitry has been developing exclusively the front-end. Works with JavaScript with varying success for the third decade, seen both Netscape Navigator and IE 4.0. With the advent of Vue.js, he abandoned the backend and moved to the front-end camp, but over time, he realized all the charms of React. He is currently working on a large React project at DINS.

“Algebraic data types in TypeScript” (Anton Sutramin, Devexperts)

They say about functional programming from each iron, about immunity and cleanliness everyone is tired of listening. Let’s try to go further and look at another concept that is most widely used in the FP world — algebraic data types. Let’s go from the side of practice, we will solve 3 problems with their help and along the way we will find out what it is and how to use it. Examples are on TypeScript, but you don’t need to know it: I’ll tell you the necessary things along the way.
The report is designed for front-end developers of all levels who are familiar with the functional paradigm or those who want to add another tool to their programmer’s knowledge.

For 4 years, Anton has been a front-end developer, recently a little bit of a devrel. He loves functional programming and expressive type systems. He is happy when he sees beautiful code and beautiful interfaces.


19.00 – 19.30 – Collection of guests and coffee
19:30 – 20:20 – API design for front-end (Dmitry Zlygin, DINS)
20:20 – 20:40 – Coffee, pizza and chat
20:40 – 21:10 – “Algebraic data types in TypeScript” (Anton Sutramin, Devexperts)
21:10 – 21:30 – DINS office tour

Where, when and how?

January 29, 2020
St. Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky, 19 (DINS office)

Participation in the event is free, but please register. This is necessary so that we can all comfortably accommodate at the meeting.

The broadcast will be, we will send a link to it on the day of the event to the addresses of the participants who selected registration ticket type “Broadcast”.

Video recordings of reports will be published on our website. YouTube channel one week after the meeting.

DINS JavaScript EVENING Materials (07/31/2019)

YouTube playlist


The exchange of experience is priceless, so we regularly hold open meetings bringing together technical experts from different companies. Most often, we discuss tools and cases in the areas of JS, Java, QA and DevOps. If you have a topic that you want to share, write to itevening@dins.ru!

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