We invite you to DINS DevOps EVENING (online): TICK stack exploitation and autoscaling in Kubernetes

2 min

The meetup will take place on August 13 at 19:00.

Evgeny Tetenchuk will share his experience of using Influx. Let’s talk about problems with Telegraf, Kapacitor and Continuous Queries. Kirill Kuznetsov from Evil Martians will talk about how horizontal scaling of applications works in Kubernetes.

Participation is free as always, but you need register… A detailed program is under the cut.



19: 00-19: 40 – Peculiarities of TICK-stack operation (Evgeniy Tetenchuk, DINS)

Evgeniy will continue to talk about Influx and his experience of using it in DINS. This time we will talk about the problems in Telegraf and Kapacitor that Evgeny’s team faced while building their own system. You will also learn how to deal with Continuous Queries once and for all.

The report will be useful for beginners and experienced engineers who are engaged in process automation, and for everyone who is only interested in Influx or is already using it. And for those who no longer want to do this, an unexpected turn awaits!

Evgeny Tetenchuk – developer at DINS. He is engaged in building systems with a high load for metrics, alerting and automating these processes within the company.

19: 40-20: 20 – Analyzing autoscaling in Kubernetes (Kirill Kuznetsov, Evil Martians)

Together with Kirill, we will figure out how the horizontal scaling of applications in Kubernetes works. Let’s discuss what metrics can be used and how to get them. Let’s take a look at the CustomMetrics API to see how to debug these metrics. And finally, Kirill will tell you how you can overdo it and break everything, and what to do to prevent this from happening.

The report will be useful to those who use Kubernates or are planning to start, and want to understand how to implement autoscaling.

Kirill Kuznetsov – Angry Martian and Operations Engineer. Helps with Operations and DevOps when invading Earth, deploying production to Kubernetes.

How to join:

Participation is free. On the day of the meetup, we will send a link to the broadcast to the specified registration email.

How are the meetings

Records of previous meetups can be viewed on our YouTube channel

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