We invite you to DINS DevOps EVENING (online): let’s talk about the evolution of Prometheus and Zabbix and the processing of Nginx logs in ClickHou

The online mitap will take place on May 26 at 19:00.

Vyacheslav Shvetsov from DINS will tell you what processes occur during the evolution of monitoring systems, and dwell on the architectural features of Prometheus and Zabbix. Gleb Goncharov from FunBox will share his experience in building Nginx logs with storage in ClickHouse. Both speakers will give practical examples and answer questions from the audience.

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Under the cut – information about the speakers and a detailed program.

19: 00-19: 35 – The evolution of the monitoring systems Prometheus and Zabbix (Vyacheslav Shvetsov, DINS)

During the report, we will discuss what a good monitoring system consists of and consider the architectural features of Prometheus and Zabbix systems. Vyacheslav will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Thanos and VictoriaMetrics databases in terms of reliability, scalability and the possibility of their application on different infrastructures. Part of the presentation will concern DINS experience in the design and development of its own monitoring systems.

The report will be useful to engineers who want to systematize knowledge about the construction of monitoring systems.

Vyacheslav Shvetsov – Team Lead DevOps in DINS. He participated in the development of products for large corporate customers. He was engaged in the automation of processes in data centers. He worked in a startup to create iptv (Set Top Box). The last two years has been engaged in automation of monitoring.

19: 35-20: 15 – How we collect Nginx logs in ClickHouse (Gleb Goncharov, FunBox)

Gleb will share his experience of aggregating and processing Nginx logs in infrastructure with storing metrics in ClickHouse. You will learn how the FunBox cluster is structured and what tasks it solves. Let’s talk about the nuances of processing and integrating Nginx logs with ClickHouse, as well as the advantages of this approach.

The report will be useful to DevOps engineers, system administrators and developers of small and medium-sized companies.

Gleb Goncharov is a system administrator at FunBox. He is engaged in the design, creation and maintenance of project infrastructure for mobile operators.

How to join

Participation is free. On the day of the meeting, we will send a link to the broadcast to the specified registration Email

How are the meetings

To get acquainted with the format, see the records of previous mitaps on our YouTube channel.

About us

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