We invite you to DINS DevOps EVENING on December 5th: we are talking about an event processing system, we share our experience in working with Influx

We invite engineers who are not indifferent to the topic of DevOps at the next open
DINS DevOps EVENING, which will be held in our office on Staro-Petergofsky, 19.

The meeting is dedicated to monitoring issues. Denis Koshechkin will talk about the internal event processing system, its structure, strengths and weaknesses. As part of a joint report, Yevgeny Tetenchuk will share the various subtleties of setting up and administering Influx from personal experience, and Vyacheslav Shvetsov will talk about organizing the collection of requirements, obtaining data and establishing alert mechanisms in the company.

Under the cut – more about reports and speakers, a link to register to participate in the meeting, materials from the last meeting.



Event processing applied to monitoring (Denis Koshechkin, DINS)

As part of the report, we will find out exactly where all the monitoring events in DINS are collected, why this is necessary and how it is connected with various internal services. Let us discuss the main approaches to processing the flow of events in relation to monitoring. Consider the history of the development of the internal system for event processing, flaws in the current implementation and plans for further development. The narration will begin from the very basics and give the listener an approximate understanding of how monitoring can develop in the process of scaling. The report will be interesting and understandable for students of any level.

Denis is involved in the development and support of the service, which is the central point of all monitoring in the company. Engaged in research in the analysis and processing of monitoring events.

“Protecting Influx from users” (Evgeny Tetenchuk and Vyacheslav Shvetsov, DINS)

We will tell you how the monitoring system was formed in DINS. What requirements do we have to meet and how does this affect the architecture of the system. We will share how we solved the problem of recording heterogeneous traffic and cluttered alerts to increase the performance of Influx. This report will be useful for both beginners and experienced process automation engineers, as well as anyone who plans or is already using Influx.

Eugene worked in various IT companies and startups. Faced with services of varying degrees of complexity, ranging from video chats to portals for developers. Last year he has been supporting Influx, which is no less exciting.

Vyacheslav participated in the development of products for large corporate customers. He was engaged in the automation of processes in data centers. He worked in a startup to create iptv (Set Top Box). It was noticed in writing a home-made deployment of the system. The last two years has been engaged in automation of monitoring.


19.00 – 19.30 – Collection of guests and coffee
19:30 – 20:20 – Event processing applied to monitoring (Denis Koshechkin, DINS)
20:20 – 20:40 – Coffee, pizza and chat
20:40 – 21:30 – “Protecting Influx from users” (Evgeny Tetenchuk and Vyacheslav Shvetsov, DINS)
21:30 – 22:00 – Tour of the DINS office

Where, when and how?

December 5, 2019
St. Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky, 19 (DINS office)

Participation in the event is free, but please register. This is necessary so that we can all comfortably accommodate at the meeting.

There will be a broadcast, we will send a link to it on the day of the event to the addresses of the participants who selected the type of ticket “Broadcast” during registration.

Video reports of reports will be published on our YouTube channel one week after the meeting.

DINS DevOps EVENING Materials (09/18/2019)

YouTube playlist


The exchange of experience is priceless, so we regularly hold open meetings bringing together technical experts from different companies. Most often, we discuss tools and cases in the areas of DevOps, Java, QA and JS. If you have a topic that you want to share, write to itevening@dins.ru!

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