We invite developers to Think Developers Workshop


According to a good, but not yet established tradition, we are holding an open technical meeting in May!
This year, the mitap will be “spiced up” with the practical part, and you can look into our “garage” and get a little bit together and program.

Date: May 15, 2019, Moscow.

The rest of the useful information under the cut.

You can register via the link >>> http://ibm.biz/ThinkDev2019
Registration is required!

At 15.00 we will open the doors of our “garage”, and you will be able to assemble with us and program TjBot – a small but very smart cardboard robot running IBM Watson Services.

What do you need to participate?

  • Register for the session (in the registration form, do not forget to mark the corresponding field) and receive confirmation!
  • Register with IBM Cloud – cloud.ibm.com
  • Register on github.
  • Grab a laptop and a good mood!

At 18.00 we open the mitap! This time we decided to surprise everyone a little and make the mitap not according to the technologies and certainly not to the IBM products, but according to the Open Source!

The format provides for short performances of 10 minutes in order, of course, to have more time in less time. In the framework of the mitap there will be technological hardcore and more “light" questions:

  • Service mesh – why is everyone talking and writing about it?
  • OpenLiberty – what is this beast?
  • How to successfully build a development team on open source technology in a "bloody enterprise".
  • “I do not want to be managers” – how can you build a career as a technical specialist (IBM experience).
  • Beginner's FAQ: how to become part of the open source community.
  • As we built the frontal system of the bank completely on open source project experience.
  • As I work in corporation, but I spread the code in open github – experience of the developer of OpenStack.

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