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Dear reader! We are eager to introduce you to one unique and useful feature of our IT infrastructure management system, which makes hardworking users happy, and lazy people and truants miserable. For details we invite on a cat.

We have already talked in detail about the features of development (1, 2), the main functionality of Veliam and separately about monitoring in previous articles, leaving the most interesting for later. Today we will focus on the remote connection of both users to their computers and terminals, and those employees. support to users.

Veliam Remote Access Approach

Traditionally for our product, the emphasis in functionality is placed on the ease of setup and use. The product is ready to work immediately after installation and does not require pre-configuration and bringing to mind.

We simply transfer one file to the user to connect to the remote resource. For convenience, call it Veliam Connector. This is an executable file, after which the user enters his credentials and connects to where configured in the connector. The principle of operation is described in detail in the second part of the article about the development of the system.

Connection is via our cloud and does not require vpn configuration, port forwarding, or any other similar technical solutions. We remove these chores from the user. We tell in detail how to organize it all.

Remote access for regular employees

So, let’s imagine that we have a terminal server where users connect to work in 1C. Separately, we have a computer accountant and lawyer. They do not want to work completely in the terminal, preferring to remotely connect to their work computers in the office.

We need to provide all categories of users with remote access to resources. We go to the Veliam client, from where the system is managed. Go to the Remote Access section and create the necessary connections.

Everything is extremely simple. In order to configure a remote connection, it is enough to specify the monitoring server through which the connection and the terminal server address will be made. It must be in network access with the monitoring server.

You can omit the password, since the user will still enter directly his credentials on the server itself at the time of the RDP connection. In this case, the password restricts the initialization of the connection through the cloud, providing additional protection for the connection.

An additional useful feature is that you can immediately limit the duration of a custom connection right at the time of creation. For example, a user goes on vacation and wants to be able to connect remotely as needed. You immediately set the connection validity period to 2 weeks. At any time, you can change this, or completely disable access and the shortcut will stop working.

After creating the connection, you just need to download the “shortcut” to use it and transfer it to all users of the terminal.

The “shortcut” is an executable file, after which the user connects to the terminal. It looks as follows.

Remote user connection

For terminal users, the shortcut can be the same, as they connect to the same server. Individual employees need to make individual shortcuts to connect to their computers.

As you can observe, everything is done as simple as possible. The user does not need to configure anything on his computer. Not only does this not load his home computer or laptop with extraneous software, you also do not need to ask anyone to help with the setup.

Remote work with Veliam is available to users with any computer and Internet access. In the near future we are preparing to release a connector for the MacOS operating system. At the moment, it exists only for Windows.

The number of “shortcuts” that can be created for remote access is not limited. That is, you can use this functionality for free. We remind you that the system works on the principle of SaaS, and billing depends on the number of network hosts added to monitoring and HelpDesk users. 50 hosts and users are included in the free tariff plan.

Remote Server Access

We already told in the article about monitoring how you can easily and quickly connect to the monitored server. In the context of this article, this is also worth mentioning.

Convenient connection is organized not only for users, but also for those employees. support. If you have specified the credentials for remote connection to the equipment in the host properties, you can connect directly from the Veliam client. You just need to click on the host, which initiates the connection.

Remote server connection

Also, remote access to the server is organized directly from the incident, which is automatically created when the trigger is triggered from the monitoring system. Below is an example of how it looks in practice.

Remote connection to the server from the application

Have you ever seen such convenience organized with the same simplicity? We are not. We remind you that you can try all this functionality absolutely free.

Helpdesk system

Consider separately HelpDesk system, which, coupled with fast remote access, including to the computer from the application, makes the Veliam system an integral product for managing the entire IT infrastructure.

For HelpDesk system, you need to create those employees through the client. support and system users. The latter can be automatically added from AD. To distribute access to applications and projects of those. Support uses a role-based access model with flexible settings.

As usual, the system focuses on the simplicity and usability of ordinary users. After adding to the system, he receives an e-mail with a link to HelpDesk.

Neither login nor password is needed. Login immediately via the link. Immediately in the letter you can save a shortcut to the desktop on which you can log into the system.

The application creation interface is simple and concise. Nothing more, with everything you need. The user is happy.

No need to learn any instructions. Accordingly, those. support does not need to write them. A person simply follows the link and immediately creates an application. In the future, all information on it is received by mail.

Technical support work with applications

Then the application goes to those. support, where an employee with appropriate access rights begins to work with her.

Attention! An interesting opportunity. The support can immediately connect from the application to the user via VNC, if both of them have it installed in the system. The employee has a server, those. support – viewer. As usual, the connection is through the Veliam cloud, so you do not need to configure anything else for network connectivity.

Direct connection from the application

In addition, there is a typical set of features of the classic HelpDesk system. The application can be:

  1. postpone for some time;
  2. to close;
  3. change artist;
  4. transfer to another project;
  5. write a message to the user;
  6. attach file etc.

Here are some more useful features that are not everywhere, but at the same time they increase the convenience of real operation:

  • You can assign a request to another contractor and subscribe to changes on it to keep abreast of further developments.
  • The employee who works with the application can indicate the status Is performed. Each employee can have only one such label. Using this functionality, you can monitor the work of staff and keep abreast of their current tasks with which they are currently working.

We remind you that in addition to requests from users, incidents created automatically by the monitoring system when triggers are triggered fall into the general HelpDesk system. We talked about this in detail in a previous article.

Thus, a single system closes both user service and infrastructure, which you will agree is very convenient. Try it and see for yourself.

Installation and start-up takes no more than 10 minutes. There are no restrictions on the free tariff, except for the number of hosts and users of the system. The tariff threshold of 50 hosts or users is high enough, which allows you to check everything fully and without extra costs. You will surely enjoy it.

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