“We have no advertising, but people come”: discussing the Codeforces project and the course of its development

In this issue podcast ITMO Research – Mikhail Mirzayanov, platform founder Codeforces and assistant faculty information technology and programming of ITMO University.

The release is available here:

Timecodes for main topics:

00:48 – how Mikhail got acquainted with sports programming, what got him hooked;

05:31 – why did you need a project like Codeforces, which prompted its development;

08:08 – what was this platform at the very beginning of the journey, examples of solutions;

10:30 – how can one assess the dynamics of the development of the sphere of sports programming;

14:58 – personal experience in this area, participation in the ICPC finals and work with students;

19:40 – general points regarding the Codeforces technological stack;

23:13 – potential for improvement according to Mikhail;

25:10 – how often the competition takes place, what is needed to prepare for it;

32:35 – what can now be said about the interest in the topic on the part of companies;

37:08 – is it necessary to build a career in the field of sports programming.

Podcast prepared and hosted by @dmitrykabanov

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