We give the book “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rational Thinking” to the winners of the Olympiads (v2)

A few years ago we raised 11 million rubles for non-commercial printing “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality”breaking the record of Russian crowdfunding projects in terms of fees, and promised to donate three volumes of the SPIMRM to schoolchildren and students who won Olympiads.

Finally, we started sending out the promised books. Five and a half hundred copies have already been delivered, another hundred are on the way. If you meet the criteria, you can fill out an application and in a few days to receive books from the courier (or in a few weeks by mail if you are abroad).

Ibid there are book recommendations from Alexandra Panchina (popularizer of science, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences commission to combat pseudoscience, laureate of the Enlightener award); Vladimir Bragin (TsPM teacher, coach of the Moscow team at the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in mathematics); Dmitry Vetrov (Head of the Bayesian Methods Research Group, Research Professor at the Higher School of Economics, Head of the Center for Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods at the National Research University Higher School of Economics); and Galina Yuzefovich (literary critic, lecturer at the Higher School of Economics and NES).

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The book popularizes the ideas of critical thinking and effective altruism – and we decided that it would be worth spreading it among talented people who, thanks to the GP&MRM, will be able to bring more value to the world.

We donate books

If you meet at least one of these items and are in school, undergraduate/specialist, or graduate, complete this short formto get your copy. If not, the book is in the public domain:

Translation: read in browser, download epub.

Original: read in browser, download epub.

In addition to “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rational Thinking”, the winners of Olympiads in mathematics and computer science are given copies of Stuart Russell’s book “Compatibility. How to control artificial intelligence.

Stuart Russell is an AI researcher with an h-index of 88 and a professor at UC Berkeley whose textbook is taught in machine learning at thousands of universities around the world. “Compatibility” is about alignment problem – a problem that Eliezer Yudkovsky, the author of the GPiMRM, is researching (he even published several joint articles with Russell).
Daniel Kahneman, Nobel laureate, said of Compatibility: “It’s the most important book I’ve read in a long time.”

(Initially, they translated into Russian and planned to give another career guide “80,000 Hours”. Unfortunately, the translation was never printed on paper, it was published electronically; in the process of translating the updated version.)

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