We drive developers and give feedback in a scientific way – video from Yandex.Money metap

The psychological health of the team, personal burnout, motivation – such topics are always relevant in the IT community. This is discussed at conferences, discussed in podcasts and simply share tips with each other.

We contribute and publish useful notes from Piemna, the traditional Yandex.Money metap for project managers. At the meeting, they discussed what the manager should focus on when managing and how to motivate the team. They also told how to give feedback to employees and why “Well done!” – So-so feedback.


What drives the team?

Ivan Zverev, project manager (Yandex.Money)

With experience comes the understanding that you need to invest in the development and motivation of the team. After all, it is always more effective when a team loves and knows how to solve problems without the intervention of a leader. The manager of the IT project department Ivan Zverev will talk about how to achieve this.

How not to kill people with feedback

Anna Obukhova, agile coach and managing partner (ScrumTrek)

It is necessary to praise and scold employees so that they perceive feedback correctly. Even more effective when he explains and motivates, rather than provokes negativity. I’ll talk about how to give feedback based on the Neuroleadership approach and how this can affect the team and its results.

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