We conduct a free iterative development workshop for beginners

Hello! If you are new to the IT world and want to understand iteratively incremental development using the project management tool, join our free workshop June 3rd. In a simple and interactive zoom format, we will tell you how to prioritize, fill backlogs, develop MVP – all with simple and life-like examples. If you are just starting your journey in IT, it will definitely be useful for you to learn about iterations and increments.

Wrike is an online project management system. We have been building the product for more than 10 years, and we have experience that we want to share. In our work, we ourselves use Wrike: to build processes, communicate with colleagues and iterations of development.

In an interactive format, we will tell you about:

  • creation of MVP (minimal valuable product);
  • immersion in iterative-incremental development;
  • Acquaintance with new tools.

Leading workshop:

Evgeniya Melnikova, Scrum Master at Wrike.
Dmitry Podkorytov, Scrum Master at Wrike.


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