We check the quality of 3 models of linear ISVET luminaires

The tested fixtures belong to the popular universal models. Due to the ease of installation, placement is possible as a table light, in the utility room, as a design lighting.

Samples are almost identical, differing only in power and size. The mounting system is the same, so you can easily replace a low-power with a linear LED lamp more powerful.

When applying for product testing, I set the condition in advance that it is necessary to send only high-quality samples. I do not write custom reviews, if the characteristics do not correspond to the declared ones, then it is better not to send anything.

Luminaires provided by the company ISVET, full designation:

1. FX-LTO-101-D-20W-6K
2. FX-LTO-101-D-30W-6K
3. FX-LTO-101-D-40W-6K

Parameter 20W 30W 40W
Light flow 1650lm 2500lm 3200lm
Ripple factor <1% <1% <1%
Colour temperature 4000K and 6000K
Dimensions 600 x 75 mm. 900 x 75 mm. 1200 x 75 mm.
Moisture and dust protection IP44
CRI color rendering index > 80 > 80 > 80
Life time 30,000 hours
Medium temperature -20 ° to + 40 °
Guarantee 24 months

The lineup consists of two options for the color temperature of light, at 4000K and 6000K. Indicator 6000K refers to white cold light. The value of 4000K corresponds to a neutral white light with a warm shade. An incandescent lamp has an average color temperature of 3000K.


The housing of the linear LED die-cast lamp is made of plastic. The body and diffuser are connected during casting, this ensures the absence of connecting seams and protects against moisture penetration at IP44. You can operate it indoors and outdoors in the summer and winter, for example, by placing it under a canopy to illuminate a veranda or gazebo.

Inside there are two LED strips 10 mm wide, connected in series. At the ends are decorative plugs, and one of them is a power supply (driver).

All 3 models differ only in length, the width is the same and is 75mm. Length 60cm, 90cm and 120cm.

Energy consumption

The real power of the fixtures from the company “ISVET” corresponds to the stated indicators.

Model Claimed Measured
LTO-101-20w-6K 20w 19w
LTO-101-30w-6K 30w 28w
LTO-101-40w-6K 40w 38w

Light flow

The number of lumens was measured in a photometric cube designed for large armstrong 60 lamps by 60 cm. The device is calibrated and verified. Long fixtures that do not fit are only half inserted, then the result is multiplied by 2.

Model Claimed Measured
LTO-101-20w-6K 1650lm 1620lm
LTO-101-30w-6K 2500lm 2450lm
LTO-101-40w-6K 3200lm 3160lm

The actual luminous flux corresponds to the declared, taking into account the error of the measuring instruments. Also, pulsations of the light flux are completely absent.


The heating temperature of the LEDs is measured on a linear lamp with a power of 20W, 60cm long. The power of the samples is proportional to their size, that is, a lamp with a length of 120 cm has a power of 40w. The heating temperature will be approximately the same regardless of the size of the sample.

The sample warms up in assembled form, before the measurement, the plug is removed and the rulers with LEDs extend.

Ruler line 76 °

Modern LEDs used for household lighting withstand heat up to 110 degrees without compromising performance.


The power supply is very compact in size and is located in the end cap. Small sizes are realized due to the sequential inclusion of all LEDs and rulers. Because of this, the voltage on the LED lines is high, while the current strength is low.

The minimum voltage at which the brightness does not decrease was 112 volts. This is a very good indicator. Typically, the minimum operating voltage is in the range of 160-180 volts.

Colour temperature

Measurements are taken with a UPRtek MK350 spectrometer. The components used are the same, so the results for 3 samples are the same. The color temperature indicator is 6116K, with the promised 6000K.


These linear LED lights have a low weight, the weight of 120 cm long is only 250 grams. The design is stiffer and lighter due to the diffuser, which is not removable.

Measured gram
LTO-101-20w-6K 138
LTO-101-30w-6K 200
LTO-101-40w-6K 250


List of used devices:

  1. Thermal imager Seek Thermal Compact PRO;
  2. wattmeter Robiton PM-3M;
  3. UPRtek MK350 spectrometer;
  4. Luxx Lupin light meter;
  5. photometric cube.

All devices are tested and configured in certified lighting and electrical laboratories.

Where can I buy?

You can purchase tested linear fixtures in the Beru online store from Yandex at https://u.to/sry7Fw


Testing results of ISVET LED luminaires show full compliance with the promised parameters in terms of luminous flux and color temperature. Low LED heating maximizes life. The universal mounting system allows you to easily replace the installed lamp with a more powerful one.

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