We celebrate OTUS Birthday with the quest “Will IT specialists save our 2020th?”

Hello, Habrovsk citizens! Today, on the favorite day of pranksters, OTUS is 3 years old. We have prepared an entertainment program for you: a small report on the results and plans, a comic test quest, and a 30% discount on all courses until the end of the week.

For those who looked for the quest, then he is here. But we advise you to read the entire post.

OTUS results for 3 years

  • 100,000 users in the professional community: students, teachers, partners, employees and those IT specialists who are still just eyeing our programs.
  • 65+ authoring online courses in various IT areas. Every quarter we develop and test 10-15 new products.
  • More than 350+ students whom OTUS has helped with employment. At the request of the graduate, we hold a career consultation with him and help with the resume. We post vacancies from partner companies and help organize interviews for the best students.

Principles, a team of like-minded people and a high level of quality courses are our roots, which we carefully formed all this time. Thanks to them, we are ready to overcome the crisis and develop further: to improve educational processes, to open new areas and courses.

Where to go? Isolation, crisis, and that’s all.

  • Online and udalenka – our elements. Now we are opening this world to those who used to be a supporter of offline communications. To do this, we are always in search of tools and techniques that involve participants in the process and provide contact in a virtual environment at the level of live presence.
  • For both students and business, this is the time to learn new formats and specialties. In early April, there will be a three-day practical intensive “Data Engineer” and “Game Testing”. And from the full-fledged courses, innovative specialties “Development of software robots (RPA)” appeared for those developers who are in search of a fundamentally new field of activity, and “Computer Vision” for data Scientists who want to become pros in the hype direction of machine learning.
  • A further development vector for OTUS is to enter the market of courses for engineers, maintaining the same concept as in IT, i.e. with products that will help junior specialists pump skills to the middle level.

Everyone understands that society is waiting for significant changes. And we thought, what if ..?

What if it depends on IT people what new habits will appear in our life? In order of hypothesis, we propose to consider two situations.

  1. Insulation. People realized that at home you can quite comfortably and even with a big profit organize all the basic processes: work, education for yourself and children, life and leisure. The development of virtual services that will enhance the quality and autonomy of life has accelerated many times.
  2. Disinfection. Requirements for public spaces have increased. Business and government automate the disinfection of premises and vehicles, and introduce a flow control system. There are services for users that help to get an objective picture, assess risks and plan your route.

Against the background of these thoughts, we came up with a comic test quest, the results of which will depend on the community as a whole. The idea is this: you answer questions, and we collect user responses within a week, analyze and assume what can come of it, and then put it in a separate post on Habr.

And finally, instead of a cake – a 30% discount on courses until the end of the week. Hurry up to pass the entrance test and take a seat at the best price.

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