We assemble the video surveillance system ourselves in a plastic shield

As an example, I took “a set of IP video surveillance for 1 camera with 4G Internet” which is carried out in a plastic shield – from one of the manufacturers of a ready-made set of video surveillance systems.

Video surveillance should be organized on the basis of SCW, KEENETIC, Bastion, TDM ELECTRIC, IEK equipment. This solution will enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Monitor events in the selected territory.

  • Provide visual control online.

  • Track intruders and vandals.

What equipment do you need to buy

  • Two IP cameras SCW-200R25HF-POE. This is a professional outdoor video camera used to broadcast video of everything that happens on the territory. It is capable of recording, storing and playing videos. This model is equipped with infrared illumination with a range of 30 meters. It creates video in real time at 25 fps. The equipment is able to function at a temperature range from -40 to +60 at any time of the day. The model can work around the clock.

  • Wi-Fi router with USB 2.0. Used to provide wireless internet. The 2.0 standard for USB input is sufficient to ensure fast file transfers.

  • 3G/4G modem. Another component for providing an Internet connection.

  • Power supply SCW-E12V1A.

  • Anti-vandal cabinet made of ABC plastic. It is used to install and protect electrical equipment. It must be IP 65 IEK.

  • SIM card from a popular operator. It is desirable that Beeline, Megafon or MTS acted as a provider. The tariff must be unlimited.

You will also need additional equipment.

  • Thermostat NC 10A 230V – used to control fans and heating elements in cabinets to ensure a normal temperature level.

  • Heater for DIN rail 230V, 30 W – installed to reduce the amount of condensate formed in the cabinet, which falls during temperature changes. This device makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of corrosion inside the system.

  • Mounting tape C201 and tape lock.

  • Zero N busbar on DIN insulator 6×9 mm

  • Automatic switch VA63 1R 25A 4.5KA.

  • Cable VVg-Png(A) – 3×1.5 mm2 GOST

  • Corrugated HDPE pipe with probe D 20 (100m)

  • Cable entry (shaft) MG25 (13-18mm) IP 68

  • Profile pipe 40×20.

How much do the components cost?

Consider how much it will cost to assemble with your own hands.

A ready-made set of a video surveillance system from the Videomir online store costs 17,990 rubles. It contains all of the above components.

Now consider the option of our assembly using the example of a finished kit. We will need the following components:

  • Outdoor camera IP 200R25HF 3.6mm 2.4MP – the cost is 5670 rubles.

  • Router KEENETIC Omni – 2990 rubles

  • 4G LTE modem Anydata W140 – 1899 rubles.

  • Power supply for the security system OSNOVO PS-12012(ver2) – 530 rubles.

  • Plastic housing ShMPp 350x250x150 UHL1 IP65 IEC MKP93-N-352515-65 – 2580 rubles.

  • Thermostat NC (heating) on ​​a DIN rail 10A 230V IP20 EKF PROxima – 421 rubles.

  • Heater on a DIN rail 30W 230V IP20 EKF PROxima – 1747 rubles.

  • Cable entry MG25 IP68 EKF plc-mg-25 – 49 rubles.

  • Circuit breaker Schneider Electric Brownie BA63 2P 25A characteristic C – 686 rubles.

Also, the following additional equipment was purchased for approximately 2,500 rubles

  • Mounting tape S201.

  • Tape lock.

  • Bus N zero on DIN-insulator 6×9 mm.

  • Auth. switch VA63 1R 25A 4.5KA.

  • Cable VVg-Png(A) – 3×1.5 mm2 GOST.

  • Corrugated HDPE pipe with probe D 20 (100m).

  • Profile pipe 40×20.

I chose all components from large stores and marketplaces:
Online Trade

Then you can start building the system. It turns out that if you buy each component separately, then you spend about 19,000 rubles. The finished kit, as already mentioned, costs about 18,000 rubles. It is important to understand that in the case of purchasing each component, you spend your personal time installing the equipment in the shield and setting up the video surveillance software.

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