VOTVASYA or JAVOVA – TOP Russian IT companies

Before moving on to the Russian version of FAANG, I propose to understand in more detail what these 5 IT giants are.


Let’s start with the origins. How did Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google form the popular abbreviation FAANG, and why exactly are they? (and in connection with the latter events, now FAANG becomes MAANG)

FAANG is a buzzword for impressing investors popularized by Jim Kramer from the program Mad money on CNBC and others commentatorsto bring together today’s high performing tech companies listed on NASDAQ (broadcasted by Wikipedia)

FAANG is the top 5 American IT companies by market capitalization, but I did not find good resources to get an adequate rating, therefore, I decided to conduct a study myself in order to understand the current situation with FAANG, and this is what I got:


PS Market Cap – company value, EBITDA – an indicator equal to the volume of profit before deducting interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization expenses, EPS growth – earnings per share (Earnings Per Share, EPS). I took all the numbers from the Tinkoff Investments application, which are relevant for the 2nd quarter. 2021 (not advertising :)), and the number of active users was mainly collected by here (if a company has several products, then the number of users is displayed for the product with the maximum number of users), the numbers may differ slightly from the most current statistics, but we will not pay much attention to the errors.

Ok, we figured it out with FAANG, but let’s try to bring the TOP – 5 American IT companies by market capitalization (add 2 more catching up to this rating) and see what picture will turn out in 2021:

TOP - 7 IT companies by Market Cap, traded on the stock exchange
TOP – 7 IT companies by Market Cap, traded on the stock exchange

While I am writing this article, it came out hot news how Microsoft surpassed Apple’s market cap

Thus, it is possible to update FAANG to MAAMG or MAANGAM 🙂

Russian version


And here’s what I managed to collect:

TOP - 5 IT - companies by Market Cap, traded on the stock exchange
TOP – 5 IT companies by Market Cap, traded on the stock exchange

For some, Sberbank in this rating looks a bit like a krinzh … But let’s remember that Sberbank’s ecosystem has long been outside of banks and queues. Now it is “fashionable” to buy up progressive IT – startups / companies and add them to your “ecosystem”. Perhaps, for a more adequate rating, it would be worth highlighting the Market Cap, etc., separately for Sberbank’s IT projects, but this task is already more difficult …

Since the rating that I have compiled refers to Russian IT companies that are traded on the stock exchange, you can also look at rating from Forbes, where TOP – 5 by market value: Yandex, Wildberries, Ozon, VK (Mail), Avito

Let’s get down to the fun part!

It’s time to introduce our domestic abbreviation, composed of S, Y, T, O, V, W, A or C, I, T, O, B, B, A (Sber, Yandex, Tinkoff, Ozone, Wildberries, VK, Avito)

My options are:


I look forward to your versions! 🙂

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