Voice assistant. Short review

Today, there are many text communication channels (mail, instant messengers, social networks, etc.), but the user sometimes prefers a regular call to transfer a large amount of information. What happens if he doesn’t call? As a rule, he tries to call again. And if the caller fails, he may simply forget to transmit the necessary information or transmit it with a significant delay.

And here the voice assistant comes to the rescue, which can not only communicate with the subscriber, but also translate his message into text and send it to the end subscriber.

Of course, not everyone needs this tool, but if a person has a high voice load or his day is scheduled by the minute, that there is no time to answer a call, then the voice assistant is a great helper.

Now the following voice assistants are available to a mobile subscriber:

  • Eva (Megaphone);

  • Salyut (Sberbank);

  • Oleg (Tinkoff);

  • Alice (Yandex);

  • Masha (Dipvoice);

  • Kira (Digital assistants).

Of the services presented, only the megaphone operator does not allow you to connect your assistant to other mobile numbers. Yandex, Sberbank – allow you to connect to the service of any operator, but if you use their services (Yandex – paid subscription “Yandex.plus”, Sberbank – you need a personal account in Sberbank). Other assistants have no connection restrictions.

Service cost.

Oleg is a completely free assistant with no hidden fees. Forwarding to non-Tinkoff Mobile subscribers goes to a free number 8-800 (Beeline charges a fee for forwarding to a number 8-800). When traveling abroad, you should turn off call forwarding to other numbers in order to avoid writing off significant amounts of money in roaming.

Salute – we can also attribute it to a completely free service, but you need to have a personal account in Sberbank. Call forwarding goes to a toll-free number 8-800.

Eva – only the basic version is free. If you need extended functionality (free for others), then you need to choose a paid assistant (cost from 2 rubles per day). Available only to megaphone subscribers.

Alice – a Yandex.Plus subscription is required, costing from 990 rubles per year. Forwarding goes to the toll-free number 8-800.

Masha is a rather complicated tariff line, the free tariff offers forwarding to a regular number 8-916, i.e. the subscriber will pay for forwarding (MTS charges only for the first minute of forwarding per day, that is, it turns out from 3 rubles per day) or a paid tariff from 149 rubles per month with free forwarding to 8-800. Additionally, the developer limits the number of calls per assistant (in the free version, only 50 calls per month).

Kira is free to connect, but call forwarding goes to a regular landline number (+7 495), i.е. your operator will deduct money from your account at your rate. MTS (Moscow region) charges only for the first minute of call forwarding per day, i.е. It turns out, from 3 rubles per day.

We are having a dialogue.

From personal experience, I note that if the assistant does not introduce himself immediately, then a full-fledged dialogue can take place. The most fun, in my opinion, was the assistant Eva: she talks a lot with robots and with people who are engaged in cold advertising calls. But there were also people who accidentally made the wrong number and ordered a taxi from me (from Eva) or confirmed the lease of some place to store tires. Oleg, on the other hand, seemed less talkative and the caller, as a rule, immediately understood that it was a robot and the conversation was rather short. Kira – it seemed to me worse than Eva, Oleg, Masha or Salyut. Kira tries to carry on a conversation with the caller, but it turns out badly for her. Alice immediately offers to send a message to the user, which could be better, the user immediately understands that he wants what.

Assistant setup.

One important feature is the ability to change the representation of the assistant, ie. so that the assistant would call your name or organization. Thus, the caller will be sure who he called and will not immediately hang up. Oleg, Alice, Masha, Kira, Salyut allow you to make this setting for free. And Eve only allows you to do this at paid rates.

It is worth noting Salut, it allows you to set up greeting rules individually for each number. Oleg (for Tinkoff mobile subscribers) also allows you to make your own greeting for all contacts from the address book and for unfamiliar subscribers.

Text transcription of audio.

Eva, Oleg, Alice, Masha, Kira send an audio recording and a transcript of the text in telegrams (if you have a tinkoff mobile, then the transcript from Oleg will be in the tinkoff mobile application). Alice can additionally send to Yandex messenger, viber. But Salyut sends so far only to the Savings Bank application. It should be additionally noted that on Oleg and Kira’s telegram phone, the caller’s phone number is not displayed as a link, which makes it much more difficult to find out what called you.

Comparison table.

Eva (Megaphone)

Salyut (Sberbank)

Oleg (Tinkoff)

Alice (Yandex)

Masha (Dipvoice)

Kira (Digital Assistants)

Link to description






Connect to any operator

No (megaphone)






Forwarding to a number




8-800 (from 399 rubles per month)


Service fee

No (there are paid from 2 rubles per day)

No (requires a personal account in Sberbank)


Yes (Yandex.plus subscription)

No (there are significant restrictions)


Give your name to the assistant

No (in free version)






Enter your presentation to the caller


Yes (flexible settings)

Yes (for Tinkoff Mobile subscribers)




Sending text transcript


In the Sberbank application


Telegram, Viber, Yandex messenger.



App setup




Yandex (Alice)



Thank you for reading this text in its entirety. If you have any comments on the text – write a personal message or in the comments.

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