Voice analytics for free. What? Where? When?

Much of the sales and support still happens over the phone, and this number only increases in times of retirement. But how do you control call center employees? Especially for this, there is voice analytics.
How it works, how to use it, and how to try it for free, we will describe below.

What is Voice Analytics?

Voice analytics is a complete speech analysis solution. Neural networks translate conversations from voice into text, then the text is analyzed according to several parameters. In particular, the tool is able to analyze:

  • conversation speed,
  • interruption,
  • silence,
  • search for keywords,
  • give a summary grade for each conversation.

Who will use it?

Those who have more than one employee on the phone (sales / support / surveys – whatever).
It is impossible to listen to all the conversations. Thanks to automatic scoring, you can immediately read or listen to all “bad” (or vice versa) conversations in your personal account interface.

Dictionaries and keywords

Tool speech analytics Zadarma passed the alpha testing stage and we can say that most often clients use dictionaries and keywords. In the conversation, words from the default dictionary were used (for example, the use of parasite words by the operator), or from a created dictionary. The manager will find out about this, will be able to read the decrypted text or listen to the conversation.

In order not to waste time, you can analyze the use of keywords in only one channel (a client or an employee). For example, if you’re looking for parasitic words in conversation, it doesn’t matter if the client is using them. But if a manager or operator often uses “well,” “as it were,” “in other words,” then this is another reason to think. Here are some examples of dictionaries or keywords:

Operator’s words

Uncertain work of the operator – I don’t know, I’m not sure, I can’t help …
Scripts – the purchase is made, your order is accepted for processing, thanks for your purchase …

Customer’s words

Poor communication quality – inaudible, mumble, more distinctly, louder …
Client dissatisfaction – allow yourself, speak correctly, rudeness, do not be rude
Re-appeal – I already called, called from another number, just spoke, just spoke
Profanity – let’s do without examples

Operator and customer words

Mention of competitors – Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Mirinda, Vyatka kvass …
Errors, bugs – crash, does not work, technical error, problems, hangs …

The system can also generate reports on additional parameters: silence, interruption (in% equivalent), speech rate, ratio of operator and client speech.
An example of such a report:

How much does it cost and how to try it?

The speech analytics tool itself is absolutely free. This is not our first free tool (for example free PBX, call tracking, CRM, widgets). You only need to pay for speech recognition minutes.
The tool can work with 50+ languages, and the cost depends on the language.
The cost of recognizing popular languages, including Russian, is 90 kopecks per minute of conversation.

Until January 15, 2021, we have added gift minutes for three tariffs:

  • Standard – 100 minutes of free recognition (valid only until January 15)
  • Office – 500 minutes of free recognition (after the promotion – 100 minutes)
  • Corporation – 1000 minutes of free recognition (after the promotion – 200 minutes)

To test speech analytics:

  1. register in the service
  2. plug in free PBX and virtual number
  3. activate the recognition of all conversations on one or several internal PBX numbers.
  4. then create the parameters of the conversation report in the “Speech recognition” section.

PS Everything must improve. Since we offered voice analytics only a few days ago, we are actively expanding its functionality. All wishes for the development of voice analytics are welcome in the comments.

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