VMware EMPOWER 2019 – the main topics of the conference, which will be held May 20–23 in Lisbon

We will conduct a live broadcast on Habré and in our Telegram-channel.

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EMPOWER 2019 is the annual meeting of VMware partners. Initially, it was part of a more global event – VMworld – a conference for exploring the technological innovations of the IT giant (by the way, in our corporate blog we reviewed some of the tools announced at past events). Last year, EMPOWER decided to hold a separate event – according to the organizers, a large number of partners wanted this. Along with the change in format, the volume of content also increased.

There will be two streams – technological and marketing.

The first is dedicated to VMware software solutions. Speakers will share their experience with public and hybrid clouds, software-defined networks, cloud security systems and container technologies (we will discuss more about some of the topics below).

As part of the flow will be held workshops on setting up a virtual IT infrastructure. Participants will also be given the opportunity to pass one VMware exam for the title VCP – VMware Certified Professional for free.

As for the second stream, VMware specialists and invited speakers will talk about the IT giant's marketing strategies, ways of interacting with customers, and showcase fresh tools that help partner companies grow their businesses and deliver new services to customers.

Experts from VMware, Intel, CloudHealth, and others are among the speakers. A special guest is also expected, whose name is still kept secret. It is only known that this is a former technology editor from the Financial Times, now working as a technical consultant. The organizers promised to reveal all the cards later.

Read more about what will be discussed.

Administration of public, private and hybrid clouds. Speakers will talk about new features of tools for IaaS-providers. One of these will be the vRealize Suite cloud management system. She received a number of updates. For example, VMware added the ability to set thresholds for the load on virtual machines — while the system balances traffic on its own. Also expanded the possibilities for working with multi-tenant architecture. Special filters in the control panel allow administrators to better understand what is happening with the individual components of the infrastructure.

Network Virtualization. In particular, we will focus on the NSX Data Center platform. Last year it was also updated: they added support for work in bare-metal and container environments. System administrators can now network applications regardless of their scanning method. Additionally, integration with containers increased the security of services.

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Also, the process flow speakers will talk about working with the VMware NSX SD-WAN system, which automates the management of devices on the network. With its help, the administrator can extend the same security policies to different cloud environments.

VMware experts will show you how to improve the security of networks in the IaaS provider data center and improve the quality of the services provided with the help of updated tools. These solutions have already been tested in practice by some foreign vendors.

Digital working environment. They will talk not only about solutions for cloud providers, but also tools for their customers. For example, about the Workspace ONE platform is a cloud service that collects and analyzes data from the company's applications and networks. Based on this information, it determines which systems are working properly and which are not, and makes recommendations for administrators. At the same time, the system is able to independently prevent unauthorized access to the digital workspace. Workspace ONE tools have already been tested in dozens of American schools, automating security tasks.

In addition to Workspace ONE, the conference will discuss the VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise system and the products of Oracle, SQL, SAP. VMware specialists will conduct a master class on setting up these solutions in the cloud of an IaaS provider.

What else to expect

Last year, at VMware EMPOWER 2018, participants could visit 54 panels. This time, their number has more than doubled. In addition to the topics mentioned above, the conference program includes presentations on data storage technologies (vSAN 6.7 and LiveOptics) and the Cloud Health service for administering public clouds and monitoring the resources they consume. Separate sections will be devoted to the work of VMware Cloud Foundation.

The speakers will also discuss the development of multi-cloud environments. This direction was actively discussed at the previous conference. Then they talked about technologies for administration, automation and security of multi-cloud environments.

A complete list of scheduled topics and a schedule of presentations with the names of the speakers.

"IT GRAD" goes to Lisbon

We are a VMware partner in Russia. Therefore, we decided to take part in this event (we shared this experience in our blog – once and twice) in order to evaluate the new items and communicate with colleagues.

This week we will be reporting from the scene in our Telegram channel. According to the results – we will publish detailed reports and analytics in a blog on Habré and in social networks.

What else do we have in the Telegram channel:

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