Vivaldi 4.3 – Autumn Renovation

Life experience tells us that only what does not break does not break, but what works will break down sooner or later. At this moment, the folk philosophy is over and we can move on to more pressing issues – for example, to the review of the new version of the Vivaldi 4.3 browser, which has been released today. In addition to many fixes (do not forget that the browser is actively developing, with all that it implies), several important and pleasant improvements have appeared in Vivaldi, which we will talk about today.

Accurate shooting

The screenshots feature has long delighted Vivaldi users, and now it will delight even more. First, the interface of this option has noticeably changed – now, when the corresponding command is called, the corresponding control panel will appear at the bottom of the window:

And secondly, when selecting a screen area, it became possible to stretch the selected area, thereby providing the most accurate positioning of the image:

But do not be alarmed: the opportunity not to bother with the choice of the area and to shoot the entire page at once, too, has not gone anywhere.

Built-in Hypnotoad

It is known that you can look at fire and water for a long time, and now another process has been added that you cannot take your eyes off of – the file download indicator in the Vivaldi browser. This option, of course, does not affect the download speed, but it adds clarity and allows you to turn a boring process into a very exciting activity.

This indication is located at the bottom of the download sidebar, and some controls are also located here. If several files are being downloaded at the same time, the indicator will display the data of the active download (you can select it in the list of downloads). You can also play fun by switching between active downloads. We will definitely fix it. Sometime later. If you like.

Small option with big consequences

You all know what a Master Password is. How – do not know? Well, in general, this is an additional password that allows you to encrypt the synchronization data so that even the browser developers themselves will not be able to read the files that you synchronize there. This is a plus. But there is also a minus – if you forget this password, then you will not be able to return all your data, for example, to the freshly installed Vivaldi browser. And this is no longer just a problem – it is a real disaster. But now there is a chance to fix everything – we added the option to save the encryption key locally.

With it, you can always restore access to your synchronized data. The key is saved in the form of a plain text file with illegible content, so you can disguise this file even in a flower bed, even in a brick – the main thing is that you yourself do not forget what you disguised it in. Otherwise, you will have to add one more key to recover the key to recover the Master password. Some kind of matryoshka. It was normal before – I wrote it down on a sticker, glued it to the monitor, and beauty! Have come up with some kind of privacy …

Private inaction

The fact that everyone on the Internet is trying to track your activity is no longer news. But one perky company decided that it was possible to monitor the user’s inactivity – for which they quickly wrote down the Idle Detection API in their browser. And now, with the help of this probe, it checks how long you are idle there and whether your screen saver has turned on. “Cool idea!” – we thought, and turned off this thing out of harm’s way.

No, if you want, you can safely turn it on, no restrictions, you decide everything yourself. But with the disconnected one is somehow calmer.

Single-tasking browser

And one more novelty – support for the so-called “progressive web applications”. It’s hard to find a weirder name for the function of placing a browser icon on the desktop, which, when clicked, will open a trimmed browser window for a specific page or service. The corresponding menu item appears on sites where this function is supported:

After that, a browser icon will appear on the desktop, which you can change to another at your discretion:

Clicking on this icon will launch the Vivaldi window with this service. Everything unnecessary will be removed in the window and you can enjoy exclusively online service without being distracted by other things.

Work with clients

Good news for those already using Vivaldi’s email and news clients and calendar. There have been some changes here too. In particular, the authorization system in these services now uses the OAuth protocol and has become autonomous from the browser. This was done in order to increase privacy: now, for example, if you use GMail mail in the Vivaldi mail client, you will not be automatically logged into all other Google services and it will not be able to track your activity. At least at the same level that he did it before.

By the way, if we’re talking about Google services. Did you know that you can watch YouTube videos without the need to log in to the service and therefore without showing your interests to Google? Try subscribing to our channel and watching videos directly in the news reader client to see how it works.

And now attachments can be added to the mail client by simply dragging and dropping the file into the message compose window. A trifle, but very convenient.

Tongue interpreter

And as a free bonus, Vivaldi’s built-in translator now supports 108 languages. Let me remind you that when this function appeared, it offered 40 options, and the new version of the browser added 68 more languages. Moreover, both in the desktop version and in the version for Android.

Mobile joys

In addition to expanding the list of supported languages, the new mobile version of Vivaldi 4.3, which was also released today, along with the desktop version, has some convenient innovations, the most noticeable of which is the new panel of grouped tabs. It allows you to work with open tabs without leaving the group.

In addition, using synchronization has become more convenient – the interface has been significantly redesigned. New icons, highlighting of important elements and other delights will help you quickly get used to this useful tool in all respects. And by the way, in the mobile version, you can also save the encryption key to restore access to data in case of losing the Master password.

That’s all. Full changelog is available here, and you can download Vivaldi browsers from official and trusted sources using the buttons below.

Download Vivaldi

Thank you all for your help in preparing and debugging new versions of the browser!

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