Visiology offered special licenses for migration from other BI platforms

Back in March 2022, we faced a problem with our potential customers. The need to migrate to the Russian BI platform created an additional financial burden on companies. Last week we introduced a new line of tariffs that make the transition easier. This post is for those who are already considering Visiology as an alternative BI platform, and under the cut – details about the cost of Visiology licenses, taking into account a kind of Trade-In.

To be honest, we, together with our users, are now immersed in the processes of migration and transfer of workloads from other BI systems and we know firsthand how laborious this task is. But at the same time, we understand that in the event of a transition from another BI platform, our clients, in fact, incur double costs, since during the migration of developments, training of specialists, they must pay for two licenses.

For reference, what is included in the Visiology BI platform

The Visiology BI platform is a data collection, processing and visualization solution. The platform includes its own transaction processing system ViQube, SmartForms reporting assembly tool and ViTalk virtual analyst. Any ETL class solution can be used as a data extraction tool with Visiology BI, including the free open-source ETL tool ViXtract fully integrated with the platform.

To make sure Visiology is right for you, you can do your own modeling on a special workshop together with the experts of the company. And if you have already decided to use Visiology as your new BI platform, the new licensing policy allows you to do it with less loss. In short:

  • More affordable license with slower support speed

  • More affordable licenses for fewer users


In March, we suspended sales of the “Optimal” license, which provides access to the system by subscription. This was due to a sharp increase in demand with limited support resources. However, at the same time, the company began to receive requests for more affordable licenses for installations with a small number of users.

We have decided to accommodate these customers and provide those who already use a different BI platform with new licensing options, including a redesigned Optimal license and new Optimal+ and Server Start options.


Annual license for teams from 10 to 50 users. Operates by subscription The cost of one user license is 35,000 rubles per year (less than 3,000 rubles per user per month). Each employee can use the full functionality of BI (create dashboards and reports, view them, configure the data model and download). Smart Forms role licenses (data collection system) are provided in the amount of 5 pieces.

The main difference of this new tariff is that only basic support is available – updates, answers to questions via e-mail / portal with a response time of up to 3 business days.


This is a complete analogue of the license Optimalbut with a premium level of support – like a line of licenses Server. In addition to basic support, customers will receive full real-time support in Telegram chats, as well as the ability to remotely connect a technical consultant if necessary to solve any urgent problem. The cost of one user license according to the tariff Optimal+ is 45,000 rubles per year.

Server Start

This is a perpetual license, similar to our traditional license. Server Basic, but not for 100, but for 50 users. We provide prices for perpetual licenses upon request (there are many factors), but such a license is approximately 1.5 times more affordable than the Server Basic.

You can learn more about the different licensing options for Visiology on our website in the section Prices.

Worth a try first

But do not forget that Western BI platforms, such as Qlik, PowerBI or Tableau, have been honing their functionality for years, developing tools and integrations. Visiology is also building its own ecosystem around the platform (it includes technology and consulting partners, community, content that allow Visiology to serve increased demand without compromising the quality of customer experience), but still, the niche of any Russian solution turns out to be narrower than that of the leaders world market.

Yes, there are good results in the transfer of processes. So, independent tests of the Institute of Business Analytics show that for some tasks, in particular, visualization, the capabilities of Visiology allow replace imported solutions by almost 100%. But in reality, even with more affordable licenses, the system must first be touched by hand. You can do this during demonstrations and master classes with the opportunity to work on the platform yourself. It can be done here.

If you already have experience of migrating to any Russian platforms, please share your impressions in the comments. I am sure they will be useful to those who are just now deciding on a platform or planning to transfer processes to a new engine for themselves.

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