Vidos and insects

Many customers wonder why they need maintenance. Complex engineering security equipment (KITSO)? Well, wipe the maximum of the camera. Still, it works! All cases of outdoor equipment are sealed, but nothing can happen with equipment located in the room.

At the same time, customers forget that KITSO is a COMPLEX of funds and, if at least one of its elements stops working, the whole complex stops working.

Classic KITSO at the moment consists of the following components: burglar alarm (OS), security video surveillance (OV) and access control system (ACS). Suppose video surveillance has gone out. What is the use of burglar alarms and ACS if an attacker can do anything at this time at the facility without fear of consequences. At the same time, Video without a working OS is also not effective because the guard simply does not know that there is an incident. It is impossible to capture monitors of all video cameras of a more or less large object. Well, what's the use of SKUD if the security alarm does not work in case of physical breaking of the lock or window?

Modern KITSO systems are equipped with the “self-diagnosis” functionality, however, in most cases they cannot predict future malfunctions and state a fait accompli. T.O. the only way to maintain KITSO is always in working condition will help only scheduled maintenance, carried out according to a clear algorithm, according to flow charts. Unfortunately, not all equipment manufacturers currently supply their products with technical maintenance cards, but are limited only by the recommendation: “regular operation requires regular maintenance”. In such cases, it will not be possible to perform quality maintenance on its own or by an inexperienced contractor, because For the compilation of a competent full-fledged technological map, many years of experience are required.

Well, how then without an example? We have one.
On one of the spring days of 2017, our service center received an application as part of the fulfillment of warranty obligations stating that the video surveillance wall in a large office building had completely gone out. Maintenance of this facility in view of a number of circumstances has not been carried out for more than 6 months. The situation is unpleasant, in addition, everything was aggravated by the fact that on that day a terrorist attack took place in the Petersburg metro and the criticality of the lack of video surveillance increased many times over.

Our experts immediately went to the site and found out that the cause was a failure of the uninterruptible power supply to which the video wall was connected. A substitution was promptly issued and the work was completely restored. The faulty UPS was still under warranty, and we sent it to the manufacturer for repair.

After some time, the manufacturer’s conclusion came to our address that the case is not guaranteed. The wording of the document indicated that dust was detected inside the UPS, and dead insects were found on the power board. It turns out that they led to a short circuit and burnout of the circuit. As evidence, photos of charred insect corpses were attached to the conclusion. What the manufacturer wrote is only a consequence, and the reason was the lack of timely scheduled maintenance and violation of the operating rules.

In technology, as in dentistry, prevention is important. You should not hope that everything will "pass by itself." Practice shows that it is always cheaper and more painless to organize timely maintenance.

Artyom Pyatayev,
Head of the service center "Gazinformservice"

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