Vagrant in Russia

To work with virtual machines (testing Ansible, clusters, etc.), HashiCorp created an excellent tool called Vagrant. But last year, this company blocked access to its resources from Russia, and therefore it became almost impossible to use this tool.

Over the past year, I have watched people get out of the situation, some specialists have chosen to abandon Vagrant, some have started using VPNs. Although I have enough VPNs, I don’t like the very fact of such restrictions, and there is no desire to raise VPNs on all machines.

I considered different options: creating a proxy for throwing local requests through an external proxy or VPN, creating my own version of Vagrant, creating my own repository. The most suitable option would be if some large company (for example, Yandex) created a similar repository, but did not wait for such initiatives from them. Perhaps few people use Vagrant anymore.

The other day I raised my repository ( ) and filled it with the most suitable boxes ( ). Shared – maybe someone else will come in handy. Since the official package with the latest version of Vagrant is also not available for download, I posted them on a separate page.

Connecting the repository is as simple as possible:

We need to add one line to the Vagrantfile:




So far, only virtualbox boxes have been loaded there, if libvirt is in demand, I will drop it under it. Source of boxes

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